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Remote healing to uplift vitality, well being, emotional experience, truth, and love.
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DivineExistence Remote Healing
Someone I know has been dealing with some kind of nerve issue in their right arm where their elbow and wrist hurt and they have numbness in their finger tips. The other night I decided to energy heal them by praying out loud for them instead of silently using my intention like I usually do. Within seconds of beginning to pray, as I held their arm, their arm began to twitch and jump. At a couple points their entire body pulsed with energy as I called on the spirit of the Creator to fill them and heal them, causing the person to jolt as if they had been shocked or something. I was able to completely facilitate the restoration of one of their fingers so it was no longer numb and the finger that was the worst got about 50% better, to where it was only numb on one side instead of being completely numb. It was neat to pray out loud for someone and feel the energy work in them. I am looking forward to using out loud prayer more often. Not only is it amazing, it also allows the person being healed to hear the prayer and thus pray too. It connects the person being prayed for to the prayer being made so that we pray together and allow together.
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DivineExistence Remote Healing
A couple of nights ago a massage therapist that I know had experienced some kind of spasm in their back/sciatic/butt. Their daughter (also a massage therapist) had given it massage which helped a little bit but they were still suffering. In about 30 minutes of energy healing her I was able to make it substantially better. It was awesome to experience another instance of being able to help someone through the power of my intention and focus. After I was done she was able to move her leg around without wincing. She was surprised how effective it was when nothing else seemed to work. I really look forward to a lifetime of helping others be free of pain.
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DivineExistence Remote Healing

So cool! I just got finished energy healing a womans hands. For two years her right hand and for one year her left hand have had numbness and pins and needles with aching joints. They were also discolored purple and blue. As I was healing her hands she started getting excited and exclaiming that she could see her hands changing color. After about 25 minutes of energy healing her hands had regained their natural color, she said all of the pins and needles were gone, she was in no pain and she could feel! She was so excited to be able to feel with her hands that she was rubbing them on everything and feeling the texture and rubbing them together and feeling her own skin. It blows my mind! I never know what to expect with energy. I am so thankful that we can do things like this for each other! My goodness! What a blessing.

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DivineExistence Remote Healing

Oh my goodness! I just got back from healing John (the man who had a stroke) again. He is doing so much better! He still cannot actually speak but now his left arm isnt pinned up against his chest so bad, it can be extended 90 degrees and he can move his left leg just a little! When I went to see him a week ago his left arm had 20 degrees of lift off his chest tops and he couldnt move his left leg. To see that much progress in just a week when he had not progressed almost at all in nearly a month has me feeling so grateful and excited. I could feel the energy working really strongly in his brain. The way I feel it is in my own body/brain. It has been nearly an hour since i healed him and I still have a strong pressure in the right hemisphere of my brain, bordering on a headache. This is a good sign. It means a lot of energy was present and transforming in his brain. Most of the time when I heal someone and sense what is happening in their body or sense their pain, the sensations leave my body within a few minutes after i stop connecting with them. Granted, I am not usually working with someone who has experienced so much damage.

At one point as I was standing before him I told him I was praying for him and that he is a strong man. He raised up his hand and gave me a fist bump and pointed towards the sky! It felt like he was giving glory to the Creator. It makes me so happy to know he is improving. What a blessing! I am so thankful that the Creator gave us the capacity to help each other. It is such a huge gift, one that I would love to see others applying, appreciating, and benefiting from.

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DivineExistence Remote Healing

About a month ago a co worker had a stroke. His name is John. I have only spoken to this man in passing and did not even know about it until weeks after it had happened. When I found out from another co worker that had visited him I had just gotten my vehicle so I asked for the address and went to go see him and energy heal him. When I got there I did not even recognize him. He looked as if he was about to die, laying in that hospital bed. He could barely open his eyes when he was conscious, which was less often than when he was asleep. His entire left side was completely paralyzed and he could not speak at all.

I brought my infrared device and a bio disc, both powerful healing tools to supplement my intentions and prayers. After healing him for an hour or so he became more alert and opened his eyes wide and stared into mine. It was humbling. I prayed out loud for him as he was conscious and felt chills and goose bumps fill my body as the energy began to flow stronger. The nurse came in and I helped him change and flip John, also a humbling experience. A short time later, his brother showed up. His brother an I had a nice long chat as I healed him for more than an hour longer. He came from another state to visit him and be there for him. As we talked, John (the man I was healing) began to be more active and even try to talk. He even said a word or two within the grunts and mumbles. Although barely understandable, his brother commented that he had not been so active and talkative since it happened. Before leaving I gave John my energy necklace that I wear every day. It was a necklace made of the bio disc material. If it benefits me, I knew it would definitely help him in his damaged state. By the time I left, he did look better. Instead of looking like he was dying, he just looked sick.

A week later I get a call at my work, which confused me because I do not even get calls on my own phone. When I picked up the line it was another co worker who had gone to see him. She hadnt seen him since right before I healed him. She told me his brother was there when she was and really wanted to get in contact with me and gave her the number to give me so we could connect. When I called him, he told me John was doing a lot better and now was in rehab! He told me John is a lot more alert, able to sit in a chair, and is doing way better than he had seen in the three weeks he was here. He said he still cannot really talk but he tries a lot more when the therapist is there and gets a word or two out. I was filled with so much joy and appreciation. I called out in thanks to the Creator. The next day the co worker that called me over the phone talked to me and she was excited and shocked about the improvement that she had seen in John just a week.

The amount of joy and happiness I feel whenever I have helped someone makes all of the other feelings and emotions and things I think about seem insignificant, a shell by comparison. After I got off of the phone with his brother I was beaming so brightly with thanks, I had not felt that good in a long time. I am going to see John in rehab today for another session. His healing journey is definitely still under way. I am so thankful that we were given the capacity to help each other through prayer and intention instead of being helpless and being forced to stand by and watch our loved ones go through hard times without any ability to help. This is the first time I have directly worked with someone (I have done distance healing) who is dealing with so much damage. I know all too well that when I have been in serious pain or sickness, even just the edge taken off means all the difference in the world. I feel so blessed and thankful that I can dull the edge for someone going through such a life changing event.

If you have subscribed to me under at least the second tier, please contact me over discord so we can communicate!!!!! I have been trying this entire time to connect with you!

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DivineExistence Remote Healing

This weeks energy will be the energy of well being. A couple of definitions of well are: a source from which something may be drawn as needed. To an extent approaching completeness.

These definitions are in alignment with the focus that I intend. The intention is that your being is something that may be drawn from as needed by you to an extent approaching completeness. May all that you need arise from within you and manifests before you without effort or end. The wellspring of your being is that of infinity itself.

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DivineExistence Remote Healing

This week I am going to be focusing on the energy of joy. Joy is such an amazing energy that can truly transform a persons life when they decide to actually allow it to have a place in their life. As we focus on joy, the frequency that we become opens new doorways of experience on the path we are experiencing. Each new experience is met from the frequency of joy, and thus opens the pathway for joy to unfold in a new way. If we continue to embrace the joy it leads us to even deeper experiences that are aligned with the frequency, and so we can experience joy in ways that originally we had no concept of in the beginning of our journey because at first we were only dipping our toes into what joy truly has to offer us. To truly swim in joy, to submerge yourself in it, to float in its embrace, is like bringing a taste of heaven to Earth. As we experience reality reflect to us the joy that we choose by opening up more opportunities to experience that joy we get a taste of how connected we are to existence itself. The synchronicity that unfolds is no less than perfect.

As we feel joy our mind is more open to the expansive and creative qualities we contain. We are connected, and the energy we feel is shared with all those around us. As we feel joy we uplift others without having even talked to them, but of course our words and energy when we speak also contain the power to uplift. To uplift is to heal because in an uplifted state we can see more clearly. When we can see more clearly we have more capacity to choose properly, with efficiency and a lack of suffering. As we experience a reality that we have consciously chosen we become less enchanted by the things that do not serve us because we feel how true we can actually be to ourselves and we experience the direct reflection of those choices in all that we experience.

To focus on joy is not to ignore the pain that exists. It is to honor the pain and the one(s) who feel it by giving ourselves clarity and creativity so that we can become a more effective tool of change. It is to use the pain as an example, a reminder, that we have the power to help ourselves and do something about it at the same time.

If you are my subscriber there is a messaging system on this platform where we can communicate directly. Also I have my discord channel set up if you have subscribed to at least the level two subscription we can communicate and voice chat through there.

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DivineExistence Remote Healing

This last week has been a busy one. Now I have a vehicle. 5 years ago my vehicle was stolen and i have not had one since. The resulting time spent in isolation gave me a lot of opportunity to focus on understanding myself and reality. It was a huge gift really, even if at the time of its disappearance it completely derailed my life and college education.

For the past week I have been sending general healing energy during my meditations. Now for the next week i will be focusing specifically on relaxation energy. When we are relaxed we are in alignment with our capacity to actually perceive what is happening in our lives. When we are not relaxed, our vision is narrowed to align with the state of being we are currently holding on to. Relaxation does not hold on. As such, the energy of relaxation naturally dissolves fear and promotes a silent mind. Stillness, silence and relaxation (which are interconnected) allow the body and mind to actually heal. In a sense, relaxation can be considered conscious rest, as similar rejuvenation is unfolded as we sleep. As an example of relaxations ability to release the pain we are dealing with I have dissolved the heroin withdrawal symptoms in a person by us mediating on relaxation together for 20 minutes. I was blown away.

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Weekly Distance Healing

I will send you a minimum of one hour of distance healing energy per week. I will change the energies and post about them here in Subscribestar. This tier will also give you access to all content that I create.

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This tier will give you access to me through discord. You can ask me questions and we can even voice chat. I am willing to teach people about energy healing, talk about life experiences, listen, and help in any way that I know how to. I have helped many people over the years understand themselves more deeply and let go of limiting trauma and belief structures that were holding them back. Understanding the subconscious mind is one of the main things I focus on, as the subconscious governs most of what arises for our conscious mind to experience.

per month
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Technological Frequency Healing

Over the years I have developed and purchased several different kinds of energy healing technologies and through my experimenting with them I figured out how to use them to send distance healing energies to people 24/7 if I choose to. Through this technique I have experienced and shared all kinds of interesting and beneficial effects. Using this method I will send you distance frequency healing nearly 24/7. There will be times I stop the process to allow your energy to rest and integrate for a while before resuming again. While this does not require as much of my time as personally distance healing does, it does consume some electricity and add to my power bill and I did spend a lot of money acquiring and producing the different technologies. That is why it costs more. This also gives you access to me over Discord.



  • A minimum of 1 hour of remote energy healing will be sent to each subscriber each week. Different energies will be sent each week and I will post about them here on Subscribestar. I have invented several healing modalities and technologies which will be used to assist in sending the remote healing energies.
  • Access to all content that I create.
  • My regularly focused love and gratitude.
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