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from 23 Oct, 2021

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Welcome to Wanderlust Saga​ - a series of terraformed planets that make up the next frontier of mankind.
Each world comes with its own set of struggles, whether due to the harshities of the biomes themselves or inner-personal feuds.
These stories merely scratch the surface of every event intertwined to create the ​Wanderlust Saga​. Mankind is put to the test each time they find a new place to call home. With your support, these worlds will continue to grow.
The goal is to create a cinematic universe both open enough to explore a wide variety of narrative themes and to translate across multiple forms of media. From books and films to collectable merchandise, the ​Wanderlust Saga ​is a series that aims to entice a wide audience by offering many installments that culminate into an all-encompassing experience.
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