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Hello fellow human! I make weird beautiful watercolor & ink illustrations. I grew up on a diet of science fiction, cyberpunk, world mythologies, fantasy, & cosmic horror. Out of this gumbo of goodness come occult characters & eerie landscapes. Join me as I plot a journey through wyrd space.

You can watch me stream on Twitch.

Visit my portfolio to see more works or to commission a piece of art for yourself!

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Thank you for helping me keep on creating arts!

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Miniature Masterpieces

A random small drawing or painting will be sent to you each month. Perhaps an abstract landscape, or a portrait of a fair maid being wooed by a were-possum, or a family of spaceships awaiting the birth of the newest AI. Who can tell?

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  • First dibs on any news or art I make.
  • Miniature Masterpieces.

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