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I’m a Prop/Costume Maker and Independent Film Producer. I love Tokusatsu and make stuff from those shows. I am currently working on a documentary. I shot footage in Japan and I return in the fall of ‘19 to get the last few location shots and interviews.
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This is a discounted Tier for those who don't want the cosplay patterns and just wanna join in on the hangouts.

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  • Access to Weekend Hangout streams/chats, as well as access to my foam armor patterns for cosplay~

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Hello everyone and thanks for checking out my Subscribestar. I intend to use this as another way for people to gain acess to my foam pattern files for cosplay as well as membership to exclusive weekend hangout streams, only for my subscribestar supporters. This will not give all the benefits of my other subscription based platform but may eventually catch up depending on how well I like it here, and how much you all like it here. Let’s see how it goes!!

If you’re just stumbling upon my stuff, check out my social media for more info, photos, and videos! Twit/IG: @TheNextDecade FB: TheNextDecadePandC

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Hitting this goal would mean I could consistently save for more projects and equipment. I'd like to use the funds from here to remodel my office space to better suit prop making and streaming needs.

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