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We make DIY / Maker videos and written tutorials that focuses on DIY Electronics, Woodworking, Resin Casting, and Programming.
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Weekly Updates, Early Access to Videos, Listed in Videos / Social Media Supporter Postings. We appreciate any and all support that our fans and followers generously provide.

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Help Keep The Lights On

All Previous Tier Rewards, plus access to our Discord, and a free The Makers Workbench sticker after 2-months of support.

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Buy Us Dinner

Access to all previous tiers plus an invite to our monthly hangout session on Google Hangouts.

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Sustaining Supporter

Access to all of the previous tiers plus a free hand-printed TMWB T-Shirt after two months of support at this tier.

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All of the previous tier rewards plus a vocal shout-out in all videos produced during your time as a supporter at this level. Additionally, we will place one link to any of your main-stream social media profiles or your YouTube channel.

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Director Of Content 1

This is a stand-alone tier. By subscribing at this level, you get access to a private discord channel where I discuss upcoming projects and consider your input for future projects.

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Director Of Content 2

This is a stand-alone tier. Similar to the Director of Content Tier 1, this tier gives you access to a private discord server where you can help dictate what my next project might be. All funding provided by this tier will go directly to supporting the purchase of materials to build projects with.



  • By subscribing to The Makers Workbench you help us create content that is centered around making things. We cover everything from DIY Electronics, Woodworking, Woodturning, Resin Casting, and much more. Your support helps us keep the lights on, and allows us to focus on creating interesting tutorials, reviews, and other content.
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