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The Portly Politico is an American patriot, history teacher, musician, and lover of politics. You can read his commentary at
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The Portly Politico
Last year, I relaunched my blog, The Portly Politico, on WordPress.  In 2019, I've posted daily with original, conservative analysis and commentary on politics, culture, and music.  With SubscribeStar, I hope to continue to expand the TPP universe, providing daily content on the blog and exclusive weekly content for subscribers.

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L'il Smokie

Every little bit helps. Thank you for your support!

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Thanks for the cheddar! You're supporting quality content.

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Your decadent generosity is much appreciated. Enjoy gorging yourself at the trough of freedom.

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The Portliest

Your succulently fat subscription may very well allow me to retire early. Then we'll both be wearing Hawaiian shirts all day.



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$50/month would make the current pace of daily posts more feasible, and would free up time to provide more exclusive content to subscribers.
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With $100/month, I could greatly enhance the TPP experience, including a better website with nicer WordPress extensions. I could also invest in equipment to launch The Portly Podcast.


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