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Support me in creating more content promoting philosophy, Phở, and the right to bear arms!
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Pholosopher's Club

Join the greatest club for burgeoning philosophers out there and help make new channel content possible!

By joining my club, you'll get access to:

🍜 My supporter-only feed, which includes personal vlogs and behind the scenes footage!

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Pholosopher's Boba Tea

By joining at the Boba Tea level, you'll get access to all of the above and be able to:

🍜 Participate in my polls to influence which video topics are produced next!

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Ammo Club

Help me produce more range videos by joining my Ammo club! Get access to behind-the-scenes stills and videos from my practice as well as all benefits through the Pholosopher's Boba Tea tier.

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Pholosopher's Pho

By joining at the Pho level, you'll get access to all of the above and be able to:

🍜 Join me in a monthly, 1-hour live hangout with other supporters at this level! We'll have an open, non-PC forum to discuss ethics, the latest events and debates, and ways to continue spreading the philosophy of liberty! All whilst getting to know each other and having good raughs.

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Target Club

Help me produce more range videos by joining my Target club! Get previous-tier rewards from Pholosopher's Pho plus a “Thank you!” note at the end of my public gun range videos for helping me produce more gun videos.

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Range Phoducer

Get prime-time advertisement for you or your business by getting a “Brought to you by” scene before the start of my public range videos plus all benefits up through the Pholosopher’s Pho level.

*Before the main content plays, a screen will show your name/company with a “Brought to You By” caption. You may use your name, an alias, or your business name (an authorization check will be made). The screen can also feature a Website URL for viewers of your choosing. Names/wording that violates the TOS for any hosting service featuring Pholosopher content may not be used.

*At most 2 Range Phoducers will be mentioned and displayed on the pre-content screen for gun videos.

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  • Behind the scenes content, video topic polls, and monthly live hangouts

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The Pholosopher

July Video PollAlright everyone! What will it be for my next video. ^^ Thanks for your help! ~Pho...

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