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Miki, The Irascible Distributist
I'm Miki. I make stuff. I grow stuff. Therefore, I am.
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Miki, The Irascible Distributist

To Cast the Pod, or Not to Cast the Pod....

I have been repeatedly asked to teach people to do the stuff I do, and to do it in person. The trouble is that there's only one of me, and I'm becoming less and less interested in traveling the more I nest here at the Cottage in the Green Hill. If I were to start a podcast, where would you like me to begin? There your ideas, because I really want to hear them.

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Chickadees and Sparrows

Discernment, Faithfulness, Determination - Thank you for wanting to support my work! For just $3/month you get the inside scoop on what's going on at the Cottage in the Green Hill and what's next for Three Graces Farm. Gain access to locked posts which include exclusive updates, polls, and even pre-released video/audio content!

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Vineyard Makers

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Orchard Masters

Foundations, Blueprints, Hivemind - If you have this kind of dedication, you must really love me. These subscribers receive exclusive recipes, samples, and copies of my published work as it comes out.



  • I'm going to share with you everything my grandmothers taught me, and then some. Recipes, storytelling, ways of doing things that have been abandoned for no good reason, and why you should always be you and only you.

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I have been in the process of building a new farm from scratch for the past year. Last Spring, I bought $300 of fence, and this Spring I want to finish all the fencing in the livestock areas so that I can keep the goats, chickens and pigs out of the new gardens I'll be planting, but free to roam and graze in safety. A grand or so should do it, but let's start with half.


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