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The Geek Room
The Geek Room
A weekly comedy show covering the latest news, geek culture, religious bs and all the cringe worthy videos from parts of the web you never knew existed. Weekly shows: Tuesday 6 pm est: Let’s Riff YouTube Saturday 10 am est: Saturday Morning Gaming.


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You just want to support and we thank you! You will get a thanks in our description.

You will also get to come talk with us on an exclusive Patreon only hangout.

Behind-the-scenes pics and videos and outakes where we mess up.

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Hangout and post shows

Becoming a $5 patreon will get you access to our supporter only hangout.

Get a content Get a link to our private Post-show's that we host after every show. So you get eight shows for a month for only $5. previous rewards

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Private streams

Access to a monthly livestream. Monthly patron-only livestream

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We will shill your channel, product, website, etc, every show. once you sign up, send us message of what you would like us to shill for you.

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420 club

When you're in the 420 club, this is what you will get. -TGR Merchandise of the month ( Shirts, posters, mugs, tote bags, or other cool merch)

- and access to lower perks

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Cringe Zone

We will bring you on the show for our segment Cringe Zone and you’ll get to hangout with the Geeks and their guest.

(we only have 10 spots for this and we will rotate patreon. We also have the right to drop you from the call if unruly)



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