Hi and welcome to my SubscribeStar! I'm Tanzoir, a Norwegian cosplayer. I'm a big anime/manga nerd with a huge need to cosplay all my waifus. I create cosplay, cosplay photoshoots, ecchi photosets and I love exploring concepts and fetishes. I don't do nudes! BUT! I do implied nude photos. No business parts or nipnops to be seen here! 

Each month there will be a minimum of 2 photosets, usually a normal cosplay non-ecchi set, and one ecchi/fetish style set. The later will sometimes be cosplay, sometimes not. These sets will eventually be available for purchase through places like a webshop, OnlyFans and gumroad, so that you can get whatever you want without necessarily subscribing through these platforms. I also provide information on how I made costumes/where I bought things for costumes, and also tips and tricks that are handy for cosplayers! 

Be aware that SubscribeStar isn't a shop but a way to gain access to my content via support / a donation. You're not purchasing any copyrights and I will stay the legal owner of the content.
Reselling my work is prohibited due to that. By being on SubscribeStar, you agreed to the terms and conditions which includes not uploading these rewards for others to download, not re-uploading on any other public website and not use these pictures for any kind of advertisement. These files are for personal use only.