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Plans for a Central Bank Digital Currency Launched at the End of the Cold War to Manage Money and Governments through Automation

By Susan Bradford
Driving efforts to launch a Central Bank Digital Currency through which all financial transactions will be tracked, traced, and regulated is Jacob Rothschild, the patriarch of the Rothschild financial dynasty who is rapidly losing control of his political power and ill-gotten wealth. 
 As I reveal in Royal Blood Lies, the Rothschild financial dynasty have systematically overthrown governments worldwide and fomented wars and revolutions, resulting in the premature deaths and unnecessary maiming of innocents and disruptions of societies and rise of governments which answer to predatory corporate classes led by Rothschild. In the process, the Rothschilds and its coterie have committed unimaginable human rights abuses as part of their ruthless, single-minded quest for world financial and political domination. 
 Rothschild's vision for a digital currency was pushed ahead, with immediacy, in 1988, the year in which a class action representing farmers whose land had been illegally foreclosed upon by banks, uncovered systematic banking fraud and the color-of-law governments which were facilitating the theft of the peoples' assets within the United States and around the world. 
 Among the greatest Rothschild scams was the Cold War in which billions of dollars were directed towards fighting an ideological battle between the evil Soviet Union and benevolent United States, with few appreciating that Wall Street, led by the Rothschilds, was financing both sides nor that the Soviet butcher Joseph Stalin was a Rothschild bloodline who was granted a seat on the United Nations National Security Council that allowed the Soviets access to American intelligence and military strategies, thereby rendering U.S. national security vulnerable to further Rothschild meddling. 
 Communism and free enterprise were not ideological rivals, but rather separate strategies pursued by corporate pirates, who acquired monopolies and great wealth by way of public-private partnerships that enabled them to consolidate market share, bend governments to their will, seize natural resources, and redistribute public wealth to a small coterie of bankers and corporate industrialists led by Rothschild. 
 In 1988, the scam was uncovered through litigation that led to the Rothschilds' immediate withdrawal from the Soviet Union, thereby precipitating the end of the Cold War. The Soviet Empire crumbled to dust, allowing oligarchs to seize Russian assets and become billionaires overnight – assets which were then seized by Russian Vladimir Putin, who worked for Rothschild by proxy, as I reported in Jack Abramoff, Rothschild Zionist. 
 That same year, Rothschild launched RIT Capital Partners, a company that funds Aspen Digital, a division of the Aspen Institute that is behind an online platform intended to serve as a single portal that manages crypto-investments and which receives backing from such entities as Google, Amazon, AT&T, and Schmidt Futures, a philanthropy founded by former Google CEO Eric Schmidt. 
 Launched in 2018, when the federal and state governments were setting aside funding and coordinating responses among health care providers and the military for the anticipated coronavirus pandemic outbreak. 
 In 1988, the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), which operates the largest particle physics laboratory in the world, discussed how a World Wide Web could be used to
track-and-trace citizens and impose automation upon banking, commercial transactions, government business, and taxes. The following year, a British computer scientist who now presides over the World Wide Web Consortium, developed a proposal for “Information Management” (a worldwide web) on a
NeXT computer. 
 Within a few years, the Internet became an overnight global sensation through which Google, Facebook, and other social media and digitial companies would harvest and monetize the public’s metadata while working in concert with intelligence and defense agencies and Big Business to enhance profits and influence consumer choices and political opinions while building “profiles” on each user.
 Congress also passed the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA) that year to establish tribal casinos with public funds, which would churn out billions of dollars in the decades ahead, with much of that money finding its way into the major investment banks and corporations like AT&T and MGM, as I have reported.
 While Communist China has been held up as a paragon for global governance, the Communist Chinese Revolution was a Rothschild initiative that capped plans launched at the end of World War II to elevate Communist China to lead the New World Order while relegating the United States to a bankrupt welfare state. 
 The Chinese social credit score that conditions participation in society and commercial activities based upon what the state deems to be acceptable behavior was designed by Schmidt. 
 Banks compile social credit scores based upon information gleaned from medical files, social media posts, and other information derived from online activity and tracked by Smart phones and through automation for the purposes of determining one's credit worthiness. 
 While Rothschild was moving ahead with a digital currency, Schmidt was developing a track-and trace system during the Trump Administration with Senior Advisor Jared Kushner for the expressed purpose of curtailing the spread of the coronavirus. 
 Schmidt also advised the Hamilton Project, which influenced how the Trump counsel invested public funds set aside for the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, representing one of the largest redistribution of wealth from from the public to the so-called elites in recent history, otherwise known as Rothschild pillage. As Time magazine reported, through CARES, “the top one percent of Americans have taken $50 trillion from the bottom 90 percent.” 
 Schmidt, who had served as technological advisor for Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, had also driven Project Nightingale, a partnership between Google and Ascension which applied Google's advanced data analytics to patient care after the Affordable Care Act nationalized healthcare, helping to solidify Rothschild's control over healthcare. 
 In apparent violation of HIPPA laws, that protected patient privacy, Schmidt sought to apply analytics for patient care and provide both diagnoses and recommendations for healthcare while prescriptions for treatments were largely developed in China, America's strategic adversary. 
 During the Trump Administration, Kushner worked with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, with advice from leaders of major technology companies, to develop a digital dollar while discussions were underway for a central bank digital currency – and guaranteed income to support individuals whose jobs had been replaced with automation as Rothschild sought to consolidate control over industry, food production, and both the national and global economy. 
 After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, banks established “Know Your Customer” rules that would enable banks to more closely surveil customers to avert money laundering and terrorist activity, even though those who would ultimately regulate the money laundering where the chief perpetrators of it while ordinary, law-abiding Americans were judged potential terrorists and criminals. 
 Rothschild has partnered on Aspen Digital, with Liberty City Ventures, a venture capital firm based in New York that invests in blockchain, e-commerce, and the “Internet of Things,” which is leading efforts to create Smart, 15-minute cities. 
 Liberty City Ventures launched in 2012, the year in which the Magnitsky Act was passed. 
“The primary objective of to steal money,” investor Bill Browder told reporters. “(The Russian oligarchs) are kleptocrats in the truest sense. But to do it, they have to commit grave human rights abuses. And once they have the money, they have to move it to the West, where there are property rights. Because the Magnitsky Act freezes that money, it puts their business model at risk. That’s why it makes them so crazy.”
 The CBDC would enable money to move electronically through systems financed – and ultimately controlled, by Rothschild, arguably the ultimate target of the Magnitsky Act.  At the same time, it would help solidify Rothschild's control over the population. As new challenges emerged to claw back Rothchild's power and ill-gotten wealth, chaos and various disruptions were unleashed throughout the world in what amounted to a global temper tantrum of a colossal beast finally being brought to heel. 
(c) 2023 Susan Bradford 
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Susan Bradford
Public post
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