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We are an internet fanzine, and an aberration. Existing mostly due to stubbornness, but also as a place for people without experience in publishing so they can hone skills and spread their wings.
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So as I'm working to poke around this SubscribeStar page, l should give a little post about what we do and what costs go to.

So we are a bit of an internet fanzine, but also more. We are trying to be an example that independent media can still exist, even if you have to work a little harder.

It's a passion project of its current participants, and we pay out of pocket for server expenses. But it's worth it for the freedom it brings.

We control our experience, so you can control your experience better. So we host many things ourselves, more than just our website but our own video hosting, fediverse server node, and looking into more. Like reviving our custom streaming service that allows us to be 100% independent from sites like Twitch, Youtube, etc.

We don't mind doing this ourselves, but I have had interest expressed in help. I am humble but also want to facilitate that. So if you'd like to help us with server expenses at all, that is pretty neat. And it allows us to spend that out of pocket money on other aspects of growing this stuff.

Like edge servers out in the EU, the aforementioned self-hosted streaming solution, and more.

We host a few different folks projects on our servers too. So helping us does have the added benefit of supporting sites like:

So... thanks for reading! And if you want to help out we cannot say how much we appreciate it.

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This page is under construction! Sorry! We literally just made it lol

Expect things soon :)

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We currently reside on a dedicated server in Kansas City, MO. We share resources on this server with another site, and our side of the box is $80 a month. If this was covered, we could use the out of pocket money we currently spend on it to expand other aspects, like getting node servers and control panel software to enable our own custom streaming server again.


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