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The great cities have risen and fallen. Civilization's grip on mankind has grown weak and arthritic. Dark forces seek to renew forgotten covenants. Out of the scorched West a man emerges. A man of a barbaric age whose merciless savagery may be the only key to his survival. They call him… Slade3k.
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VOTE ON A GAME YOU WANT TO SEE ME PLAY: Among the many games I will play will be a game chosen by you the Patrons! $1.00 per month gives you access to the vote! You will vote whenever the current Patreon chosen game finishes. Depending on the game this can be more than once a month or it may be several months in between votes.

Unfortunately there are exceptions. I wish I could play every game you vote on but I will draw the line at music games or games with explicit content that is so extreme that I simply cannot set aside time to censor the video to make it YouTube safe.

YOUR NAME APPEARS IN THE CREDITS: Supporters who pledge $1.00 or more also will have their name appear in the credits as a thank you for your most gracious support!

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Monetization can be an ugly word in the world of video production. I've been making free content for YouTube so far this year and I am more than happy to continue to do so. I will never put any of my content behind an exclusive paywall. For now I am treating this Patreon as supplemental income and not a full time job just yet. However my hope will be to treat it as a full time job with your support!

If you enjoy my content and would like to support my efforts in any way then this is the place to do it! Even if its just $1 a month you could help ensure that I have what I need to pay the bills and stay on top of various other expenses, which means I can keep making the video content you love. Thank you for the support!

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