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#SeekingTheTruth JoshWho News
#SeekingTheTruth JoshWho News
My name is Josh and I run the channel #SeekingTheTruth and also the Buddylist Social Network
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  • We have created a free speech platform for video uploading and live streaming. People are running out of places to go to so we need a serious video platform that will operate as a utility without politics and other narratives causing issues.

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#SeekingTheTruth JoshWho News
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Everyone Please check out my JoshWho Network with all the free services I am offering to get people off of big tech. Help People find my projects if you can. Here is the full post of all the services I offer Like Email, Video Hosting, etc...  https://www.joshwho.net/the-joshwho-network-email-chat-search-games-news-and-more-let-the-internet-be-fun-and-free-again/
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