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Visual Artist, Video Content Creator. Sally Jo M-Cooper, Wist 2020.Soul Inspiring Art, Symbology, Surrealism, Personal Mythos. Dreams and Dream imagery. I'm here to make beautiful things. Welcome to the edge of my mind lets jump off.
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This is my first attempt at getting patrons and figuring out this whole making money with art. Proceeds will go to making me a functional artist and making beautiful things.

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Setup functional metal smithing capable art studio in a small food truck. The studio will also be my video set for content creation and virtual studio time. Reasoning for building a studio in a food truck, I'm likely to move multiple more times in my life and having the location of where and what type of properties I'll be living on being unknown this is the most probable option for creating a longterm studio. It also has a higher potential for taking it to locations or events. The food truck would cost approx 5,000, it will already have the ventilation required for small metalsmithing (silvercasting enamaling), electric and gas hookups, then the shelving can be adapted for jewelers kiln, electroforming tank and booth. Basic torchwork area, painting area and digital recording/ virtual studio setup. I currently own a truck that can pull the units i'm looking at.

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