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We are a group that focuses on entertainment and education involving comic books, anime anything geek related as well as many religious topics for those who enjoy that
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Hamtaro tier

Our cheapest tier and the one I suspect most people will take advantage of. This gives you just the basics.

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Sasquatch Tier

Join to get full access to the content and more

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Hulk Tier

This tier allows you to make requests for videos and if they seem interesting I'll make them and put your name in the credits.

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per month
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Goku Tier

You gain the ability to make 1 short form video request per year that I will make

0 subscribers SubscribeStar $20.00 tier
per month
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Superman Tier

your name is in the credits of every youtube video and you can make one yearly request for a long format video as well as having my personal email for questions and prayer concerns.

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per month
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Apostle of Christ tier

You gain all other benifits as well as being given my personal phone number for emergency prayer concerns and once a month you can call just to chat about whatever.

0 subscribers SubscribeStar $80.00 tier

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Dragma:Description: Using the genes of a number of normal animals and kaiju a mad scientist creat...

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