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Restless the Podcast is a podcast that provides a forum for those who are willing to share their inspirational stories of struggle, pain, healing and hope in their journeys of faith.
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Rising Tide

You've heard it said "a rising tide lifts all boats" about lifting someone's hope? Support our basic operation for just $5 a month, your investment in bringing powerful stories to others is greatly appreciated. With this tier you get an extra and special segment of "Press On" per week."

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A strong wind that is constant. It can be used to the sailors advantage if they are experience and have the courage. Receive extra "Press On" segments, and after a year of support receive a Restless inspired custom candle as a thank you gift.

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A strong wind characterized by a sudden onset in which the wind speed increases rapidly. To the untrained sailor it can be trouble, to the seasoned sailor however, its an adventure. Same benefits as previous tiers with added uncut content from Steve Luke, and guests about more topics of discussion beyond story episodes and Rogue Waves.

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A powerful windstorm, frequently accompanied by rain, snow, or hail. No telling what this storm will bring but you better be prepared. Because like a mighty storm churning above the ocean depths, so you can help propel these tales of hope and triumph to new heights. As a Tempest subscriber you will get everything from previous tiers, as well as unique access to Steve and Luke directly for discussions, as well as invitations to appear on various segments, we will also be launching a merchandise line of which you will receive a free product such as a UV shirt as well as a discount on future purchases.

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Hurricane extremely large, powerful, storm with very strong winds... its impact is life changing. This is primarily a corporate level sponsorship. Restless The Podcast will work with you to do advertisement and voice over work to be used at your discretion. Please contact us at [email protected] for more info.

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Reaching this goal will allow us to maintain our LLC status and therefore reliably keep this entire show running for the long haul without direct out of pocket cost to Steve, and Luke. It will also allow us upward mobility to reach more listeners, post more content, maintain equipment, and occasionally make a studio/equipment upgrade as we always are seeking to better our craft. After this point we will search out other opportunities to give back to you, and to bless others in new ways with what God has provided us.

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