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We are Requested Everywhere. a ragtag group of gamers and nerds from all over the world.
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Spirit Gun!

This teir is for the Memebrs that want to give a little more. There arent any extra perks, it just makes yer E-peen bigger!

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for the members who REALLY love what we do, this teir comes with the added bonus of not only having a Bigger E-peen, it also grants users a private voice channel for them to use however they want.

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This teir is for Absolute GODS! I dont know why you do what you do but I wont stop ya, this kind of money goes a really really long way, and we cant thank you enough.

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Do your pockets BURN with the heavy burden of all your money? Do you wipe yer rear with 100$ bills, pass them to us where after a full cleaning job we will use them do fund slave labor in the 3'rd world.

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  • Subscribers get access to exclusive giveaways as well as a Supporter Tag in the discord. we will also occasionally be doing Physical Item giveaways to subrcibers, featuring things like stickers cups glasses lanyarrds and so on.

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Requested Everywhere
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HEY YOU GUYS!!! We are back again, and its just like before, all funds gained will go to giveaways and helping out group members so that we can all enjoy a better game together. 
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Buy a AAA Game for a member of the group that otherwise wouldnt be able to play that game.
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help a member thats on hard times pay for a game subscription.

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