UNCONSTITUTIONAL | Judge TOSSES Key Provisions of Quebec’s ANTI-VAPING Law

It’s a huge win for the vaping industry. A Superior Court judge invalidates key provisions of Quebec's Tobacco Control Act, which promulgated harsh new regulations and fines, seemingly intended to eviscerate the vaping industry.
The ruling comes after a three-year legal challenge spearheaded by the Canadian Vaping Association, which argued the vaping restrictions infringe on the “right to security of the person” and “freedom of expression” under both the Canadian and Quebec charters of rights and freedoms.
In this episode of RegWatch hear about the ground-breaking ruling directly from Audrey Boctor the lawyer who led the fight and learn exclusive details about the court trial, expert witnesses and what happens next. Also, Daniel Marien president of the 35-store La Vape Shop retail chain joins the show to discuss the draconian rules and hear his reaction to the ruling.
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Produced by: Brent Stafford
Released: May 22, 2019