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Servus, Männer! Support my work, so I can continue making videos about Germany and other topics. Any amount is greatly apppreciated.
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The Count makes an important contribution to my work. You get access to my posts and you are mentioned in the credits in my videos (if you want to).

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Markgraf (Margrave)

The Markgraf is an important contributer to my channel. You get all of the above plus a special shoutout in one of my videos (if you want to).

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Kurfürst (Prince Elector)

The Kurfürst can play an active role on my channel. You get all of the above plus access to topics I am currently working on or which might not make it into the public videos.

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Herzog (Duke)

The Herzog traditionally marched at the front of an army. You get all of the above, plus the bragging rights of being a Herzog.

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Servus Männer! I am on SubscribeSTAR, now. Please consider supporting my work, by donating and subscribing.


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