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Red Ice offers an alternative to the lies & fake news of the mainstream media. We cover politics, the culture war, entertainment & current issues from a pro-European perspective. 99% of mainstream media is the enemy of the people.
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Subscribe to Red Ice on SubscribeStar and you'll get full access to The first tier is $10/month, the same as a membership on We also have a second tier at $20/month, for special supporters who want to give us an extra tip to help with operational costs. This tier will get a special segment on each Flashback Friday live show. We will read comments and/or take questions from the SubscribeStar + tier and we will also take requests on topics to cover. More information about this is coming shortly.

When you've started your payment here on SubscribeStar, send us an email ([email protected]) and include the members account email you use and your SubscribeStar username so we can activate your subscription and/or set up your account on If you do not yet have an account on let us know what username you would like to use.

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