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Red Pill Oasis
Join us at the Red Pill Oasis which offers relief from a blue pill world
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Red Pill Oasis

Welcome to the Red Pill Oasis. This site features the work of Tom Golden's menaregood channel and is working to build a community of red pilled folks who can find information and understanding in spite of the dominant blue pill world around us.

Lots of plans are in the works and will be letting you know as we go.

Subscription Tiers

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This gets you in the door and gives you access to all posts, the forum, and the weekly video meetings. I want this place to be affordable for anyone. If you have more money to support this community there are ways to give more.

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For five bucks a month you get the same access to posts and to the forum and video meetings but choose to contribute a little more to the community. Completely up to you.

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Base Hit!

This gives you the same access as above and a PDF linked copy of Tom's book The Way Men Heal.

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This tier gives you all of the above plus a copy of Tom's book Swallowed By A Snake: The Gift of the Masculine Side of Healing.

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Nice Hit! Community builder. Thanks! This tier offers you all of the above plus a PDF copy of Tom's latest book Healing Mothers be Closer to Their Sons: Understanding the Unique World of Boys.

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Damn nice hit. You get all of the above and if you choose, you have your name written in the end of all menaregood videos as a contributor!

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The Cycle!

You hit em all and are appreciated for your support of the Red Pill Oasis! We will have some special opportunities for you!



  • We are living in a blue pill world which tends to isolate red pilled men. The Red Pill Oasis is a place where the Red Pill is the norm. A place to relax around others who know the dangers of a blue pill world. We have a private forum for Red Pilled folks to discuss their situations and support each other in a way that cannot happen in a blue pilled world. We have weekly video meetings with a similar purpose. Join us and be a part of this building community.
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