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Author of dark fantasy, horror and science fiction.
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Welcome, readers! I'm Raymond Towers. Here is my author bio:

Raymond Towers is an author of fantasy, horror and science fiction that strays away from the mainstream, plus a little in the way of true paranormal and other genres. He has written and independently published a good number of titles, most of them full-length novels and collections, with several more on the way. The author has been a lifelong resident of warm and sunny southern California, a location that pops up frequently in his writing. At the moment, the author is looking for ways to reach new readers all over the world, in addition to pursuing his great love of writing and taking it to the next level.

Everything will kick off as soon as my first subscriber signs up! I have so much to share I can't wait to hear from you!
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If I can reach this goal, I am going to find a reputable digital artist to redesign the cover of my first released work, the novella Non-Retrieval. Backers will receive a free copy of the novella once the artwork is approved and the novella is re-released.

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