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Hal Stead teaches music.
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Hal Stead - Quail Studios Guitar
Public post
American Pie, Don McLean Cover
The beginning is piano, the middle is guitar, and ending has piano and guitar together. 
You're support is much appreciated because I'm sharing revenue on this cover version as I do on all the covers that I make.
It took me awhile to figure out a couple of things, like how I was going to sing the melody because I'm not Don McLean, so I made a few changes. I could probably do it eventually with practice but part of me says, "That's good enough let's just get it out!"
I may go back and put bass in the recording too but not right now. I've got to move on and get to other things. So here's an example of how to play American Pie.
The guitar lesson video has no piano in it. It's all guitar.
Hal Stead
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Hal Stead - Quail Studios Guitar
Public post
While listening to Alip Ba Ta play this song I realized that the chord progressions are interesting and not boring like many songs released today. No wonder I've liked this song since High School!
I've made this Alip Ba Ta reaction video because it's easy to make, hardly any edits in it, and there are thousands of Indonesians that love Alip Ba Ta.
The key change that he does on the last chorus is interesting and the run that he plays to get there is fun to listen to.
I will use this song as an example in my live stream tomorrow when we talk about Bare Bones.
I'll be teaching this song soon in a video format along with tabbing out the melody. It is now in the latest version of my book too. I'll release that next week.
You can get the lead sheet now in the description of the video.
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