My God!  They Let the Irish Into the White Race!

What the hell were they thinking?
I just took a look at what constitutes "white" on the census forms and discovered mistakes all over the place.  First of all, they have lumped Irish, Catholics, Jews, Swiss, Swedes, Englanders and French into a "White Race".  I mean, COME ON!  The Irish are bad enough, but to force Englanders to share the same racial designation as the French?
Honestly?  I'm expecting riots from both sides.
 Oh! My! God!  They have lumped the Irish in with the Scots!  Are they purposely trying to find out how much stress the "White" designation can take!  I fear the day someone informs a Scotsman that he's considered the same as an Irishman or vice-versa!  I will place the blame for all the dead squarely on the Census Bureau.
 Then I did some research and received further shocks.
Did you know that many in the Ghettos consider Korean shop keepers "Whites" as well?  In the day I've heard residents say, "Korean is just another name for White."
 A few years ago, a Hispanic named George Zimmerman was attacked by a Black kid.  In the reports from the national news feeds, George suddenly found himself classified as a "White-Hispanic."  Can you imagine his surprise?  All of his life he'd grown up Hispanic and then suddenly, in one day, he was White!
 Then there are the Injuns.  I'd bet most people in America have a little Injun in them.  Me?  As near as I can tell, my great-grandparents' great-grandparents had an Injun or three.  One of my siblings cycles through Black-Injun-Slightly White during a year, depending on the amount of sunshine and exercise he gets during the summer.  He can start off mostly White in the spring and end up Black, sho nuff, Black as can be!
 One year he joined the army and there was a Black kid he in his Unit and no one could tell them apart -- after going through bootcamp during SUMMER.  Even his mother and grandmother couldn't tell him apart from his comrade.  Once fall and winter set in, the twining aspects faded completely.
Frankly, I consider him more Camanche than anything else; it's the most prevalent trait that pops up.
As for the rest of my gene pool, I've got everything except Oriental.  I've got a little bit of everything in my genetic history.  It's mostly the Viking in me that shines through:  Blonde hair, hazel eyes, big boned and so on.
So imagine my surprise when I learned that the U.S. Census Bureau considers me and most of those others mentioned above as one race!
 Since that is just silly, when asked I honestly answer that I am two or more races.
Then I learned I am not the only "White" person to do this.  More and more White people are declaring themselves people of many races.
 Every once in a while you learn that the White Race is doomed in America.  What many fail to realize is that as the White decrease, the "Two or More" races increases.
When speaking with my darker skinned relatives, I was informed quite often that there were Blacks and "Everyone Else".  Some of my "Black" relatives and friends told me that if you were not "Black" and did not look "Black" then you were "White;"  No Ifs, Ands or Buts about it!  Black or White, no in-between!
 It was then that my physics classes kicked in.
In physics we are also taught that there are, in fact, only two colors:  White and Black.
White is a COMBINATION of ALL colors while Black EXCLUDES all other colors.
Using a prism, we discover that White light can be separated into individual colors of a rainbow.  When those rainbow colors are sent through another prism to be recombined they produce the White color again!
Okay, technically, Brown and Gray are hard to chase down in a White light, but in a dim White light, even Brown and Gray are in the rainbow.
So it turns out my kin folk and friends are right:  There is Black and then there is all the Other Colors combined into the White race.
 That certainly explains Kwanza!  Kwanza was invented (yes, it was INVENTED) to give Blacks an exclusive, "No Other Races Allowed" ceremony to experience in addition to Christmas.  As I understand it, one justification is that Christmas was started by ex-Jews and thus is a White Holiday.
 Don't ask me.  I just repeat what I hear.
Then, out of the blue, I remembered something else:  The colors of the Rainbow also contain Black!
No, seriously, in some rainbows, at certain times, between the colorful lines, if you look closely, you'll see a thin strips of Blackness in the Multi-Color spread.  Indeed, such lines are used in spectrometry to determine the chemical makeup of various substances (it's a long story.  Just accept that Black can make up part of a White light).
 So being a White light means containing EVERY Color even the Black ones.
This is mirroring humanity's aspects.
Look, eventually Hispanics will be absorbed into the "White" race.  I mean, if Whites can absorb the Irish, they'll take anyone.  (Luckily, the Irish recognize a good rub.  You ever want to get into a good verbal fight, head to an Irish bar and see how well you survive the results.  Again, it's a long story based on personal history.)
The Hispanics WILL BE (eventually) absorbed into the White light.  A large portion of Blacks believe that White makes up anyone not Black.
 Even Blacks are starting to be absorbed into the Whites -- you know, if they want to come.  To be perfectly honest, we'd like having them with us.
The media and various people who want America fractured (more on these people in the future), keep doing all they can to keep Blacks from joining the Whites.  Everything from changing the way the Black race is referenced (Negro, Black, Colored, African-American, People of Color, etc.) every twenty years -- You hadn't noticed?  The reference for “Blacks” changes once every 20 years to keep the divisions active.  If you allow one term to define a race, that race will get absorbed into the American melting pot.
The other technique they use is a constantly changing "offensive" symbol or word set -- In this case, every 2 years some symbol that is "only for Black usage" or "offensive to all Blacks" is introduced.  This list is really hard to keep track of at times since it includes foods, products and pictures.
In this case, the items run from bananas, watermelon, fried chicken, ribs and colored greens to apes and monkeys, do-rags, sagging jeans, certain shoes, shower caps, crown air fresheners, wearing only one-glove to Confederate items and soldiers, the Bars and Stars, white shirts, big earrings, and accurate math, statistics and history skills.
 Watch carefully and you'll realize the point of "shock" changes once every two years.  It wouldn't be so bad if each item REPLACED the items before the current one, but the new items are ADDED to a list that is already impossible to track.
So, honestly?  What would White REALLY like is for Blacks to FULLY join us.
 I'm going tell you in absolutely honestly:  Joining Whites means giving up the shock points and the name changes.  A Swede is a Swede is a Swedish is a Swede.  A Spaniard is a Spaniard, and so forth.  Maybe a small change here and there, but basically there is one term for that particular group.
Then there are short term symbols.  Me?  I've been called a Bear, a Fox (the sneaky kind, not the sexy kind), a Snake and a few farm animals.  Each time I didn't go screaming into the street claiming the person calling me those names is the worse being ever born in the Universe.
So if someone compares you to a monkey, well, let it pass.  Comparing people to animals is a thing White people do to each other as part of the bonding process.
 You also can’t fall down or get angry every time someone says something or does something stupid or stereotypical.  White people are CONSTANTLY trying to find ways to view others and other things in ways they/we can understand.
 A few years back, people went ape-shit when a Black actress was in a commercial eating friend chicken.  At another time, gasps went up from the Black leadership when Black kids were offered watermelon at a party.
 Again Whites know some times you need to let slide.  The German side of my family LOVES a good sausage.  The Injun side KNOWS what good corn REALLY should taste like.  As for my Black relatives?  Geezus!  If you'd ever had my Black Grandma's recipe for colored greens, you'd think you were in Heaven!
 But in NONE of those examples above would I or my Multi-Colored siblings take offense if my Black Grandma cooked sausages (which she grew up on), my White Grandma colored greens (which she also grew up on) or any of the kids were given Watermelon during the summer (which, honestly, I can't stand).
The point is, the White race, in America, is an absorbing race.  You don't lose your genetic ancestor being a White, as any of the races I mentioned that belong to being White will affirm.  The Irish still celebrate Saint Patrick's Day -- were EVERYONE is Irish!  The Germans still hold Oktoberfest -- where EVERYONE is German!  Hispanics Cinco Da Mayo where EVERYONE needs a sombrero!  And Juneteenth will be a day EVERYONE is Black, even if we're not exactly sure why!
I guess what I'm saying is that, eventually, White does absorb EVERYTHING.  So please, stop giving into all the shock and pain those who want to keep you separated from the melting pot and join us!  The experience is a LOT nicer than trying to remember which word of the year you need to react to.
I Am Sielow, These are my words.
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