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I run a blog, vlog (soon), am an author, playwright and writer. I do a little bit of everything. I have seen many things, including the solutions to a LOT of issues. I hope my solutions will help solve some problems.
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The dog has been a treat for the last couple of days.

The dog has been a treat for the last couple of days.  Not sure where to start, let's start from yesterday:

I had finally begun some serious training to get the dog to play "Fetch."  You throw the ball; dog brings back the ball, repeat until you can't stand it any longer.

The biggest issue is, having been raised by cats, she tends to believe that anything she has, finds, or chases after is HERS!  PERIOD!  No more!  You threw away a perfectly good ball, I ran after it and it is now mine.

To combat this, I've been paying her to return the ball.  There's a snack she goes ape for: really, chewy beefy strips.  I cut the strips into small slivers about one inch long and a half inch wide.  It is the perfect currency for paying her to return a thrown ball.

Playing fetch:  First things first.  With the strip firmly inside my closed hand, I have her sniff my fist too confirm I have her payment ready.  Then I throw the ball.  She brings it back, drops it at my feet and gets paid.

Rinse and repeat.

Yesterday the process ran five of the six strips I had for her.  After the fifth one she got into her "it's mine!" mood and laughed at me when I tried to get her to bring me the ball for the final, sixth payment.

When she's in this mood, you cannot approach her because she assumes you want her ball and she's not gonna give it up.  You get within a couple of steps and, with tail wagging, she's off like a shot with the ball in her mouth.  Once a comfortable distance away, she's rolling in the grass, ball firmly in her mouth, tail wagging big time, knowing she's got something everyone wants but only she controls.


LOL.  Literally.

My storage place for the strips during fetch is the front pocket of the gym shorts I wear on my summer day's excursions with her.  When she sees me put these on at home she knows I'm going somewhere and she hopes she coming too.    Even if she gets left behind, it means she gets to spend time outside in a yard that, for her, is the size of a football field (dog to human ration about 8 to 1).

Anyway, yesterday, on the sixth and final throw, she decided she'd rather keep the ball than come for payment.

That's fine.  Game over.

So this morning I get up and the dog is seriously licking and nosing my shorts.  I wear these shorts everywhere and I'm trying to figure out why she's so interested in them.  After a while she's happy and wandering off.  At best she has licked my shorts clean; I wear them while eating, maybe she was taking out the crumbs.  Her licking the shorts that much may indicate it's time to do some washing.  At worst she chewed up the shorts and they are now holey and I'll have to get new ones.

Later, as I'm preparing for today's trip to the park, I'm thinking I still have one strip left and it suddenly strikes me as to why the dog was interested in my shorts this morning!

She has an EXCELLENT nose.  She smelled the remaining strip and figured out how to reach into the pocket and get the last strip form yesterday.

Sure enough, all that's left of the last strip is the soggy paper towel it was wrapped in.

Shift to the trip to the park later that day.  After the first throw and return she's suddenly playing keep away.  She will not bring the ball to me no matter what and she's happy about it, tail wagging and laughing in my face, rolling the grass just out of reach with HER ball!

Curious, I link into her and suddenly discover what's happening.  See, she's seen me reaching into the pocket of the shorts for the next chew snack in our fetch sessions.  This morning she confirmed WHERE the snacks come from: the pocket of the shorts.  Suddenly I'm persona non grata.  She don't need to do this "pay off" crap no more because she's discovered the source of the strips!  When she gets home, she's going straight for the source as soon as I am out of the shorts!  She don't have to do this "fetch" crap no mo'!

So at the park she's got the ball, she knows where the strips comes from and later she's gonna get all the strips I was going to force her to earn.  Yeah, the fetching crap is done.  She spends the entire time at the park laughing at me, playing with her ball, TOTALLY in control of EVERYTHING!

We get home, I toss the shorts and sure enough she casually wanders over when she thinks I'm not looking and begins sniffing.

BUT WAIT!  There's … There's no snacks!  The source is empty!  There are NO chew strips in the shorts.

Turns out as soon as master got home, he pulled the strips and stored them for a future trip to the park.


She blew the whole park trip assuming she's figured out how to get the paycheck without all the work.  (She's a lot like her master at times.)  Now she's got nothing, chew strip-wise.

Me?  Now I'm the one smiling, rolling on the floor, my tail wagging.  Master has proven why he's the Master and she's the Dog.  Dog thought she'd figured out life, Master taught her life more complex than she thought.

It will be interesting to see if she completes the full fetch session on the next trip to the park.


My name is Sielow and these are my words.

If you like what you have seen and read, please consider supporting me at: www.subscribestar.com/IamSielow

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China has a HUGE problem … And Trump will ultimately win.

China has a HUGE problem. Actually China has about FIVE HUGE problems and because of this Trump will, ultimately, win in his actions against them.

First China is a corrupt place.  Like MANY Communist countries, China cannot exist without lying; lying to itself, lying to other countries, lying to its citizens.  While I admit many countries have leaders who lie to their subjects, they usually do so for power.  China lies to its people not only for power but to survive, to continue to exist.

The harshness of China's history, the mandatory lies created by a Communist system and its endless sea of citizens leads to the complications causing it problems in today's world.

For today's post, let's concentrate on the HUGE problem China has when it comes to farming.
China has no qualms about executing farmers who do not meet their quotas.  China also has no qualms about executing regional farming directors whose farmers miss their quotas.  Due to this unique process of encouraging job productivity, the farmer lies about his expected crop yield.  The regional directors collect these estimates and happily report to their superiors that all is well and the expected crop yields will be whatever the country's leadership demands it to be.  They know the data is probably false, but reporting the values demanded keeps them alive for another day.

 In the past, at whatever administrator level the Truth was finally admitted to, that person's boss might have the person admitting the Truth executed and every bureaucrat and farmer under him executed as a lesson to all farmers what happens if you fail to meet expected quotas.  Once executed, another farmer and another bureaucrat from the endless supply of both would chosen to replace those who were "forced into retirement" and all would be well until the next harvesting season started.

It is, in the end, Communism working as intended.

This history of quickly solving any production problems with a bullet to the head works its way up the chain of command until you reach the people who have options available to avoid the quick "employee adjustment" option which makes their wives widows.  The simple answer is they purchase American grain to make up any shortfall in the expected yields of the farmers and administrators below them.

In other words, they use American grain, sometimes purchased on the black market, to "balance the books." 

This process has been going on so long it has become second nature.  The farmers inflate the expected yield to government demanded levels. Their regional directors make sure all reported values come within expected goals.  Up the ladder the figures travel until the national directors factor in the expected crop yields into their urban planning.

The actual farming yields then come in well below needs, the regional directors nervously report the short fall up the chain to equally nervous supervisors until it eventually reaches the people who have wider options.  These people have additional discretionary spending options.  These options include purchasing the nice, clean, abundant, INEXPENSIVE USA grain to feed the hungry nation.

The Chinese citizens get fed, the centralized government doesn't ask questions, and the various farmers and quota counters survive another year.

This process makes the current world events very complicated for the Chinese leadership.  They look at the falsified data and assume that American grain is merely a small additive to the country's food supply; that if needed, the country can easily survive without it.  A false conclusion built upon a process that originated as a defense in China's lack of respect for human life.

So when Donald Trump comes along and doesn't put up with China's endless game of saying one thing and doing another, the Chinese leadership begins trenching in to do battle with Trump, assuming that any missing USA grain will simply be a small distraction to the action.

It's not.

It's a HUGE issue.

It's an issue which China will shortly discover will condemn its people to what is called the "North Korean Banquet."  The North Korean Banquet mainly consists in mixing in a LOT of soil into your meals to make up for the lack of real food.

But China has another (of several) issue(s)!  If you have followed my advice and watched some of the YouTube videos produced by "China Uncensored" you would have seen the video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=arNiV5_W5Ck) in which the channel interviews Chinese citizens vacationing in Hong Kong (more on that in a minute).

While the subject of the video is important, you should have realized something else while watching it: Hong Kong, due to its freedoms and available western goods, is considered a vacation goal for mainland Chinese based workers.  Watching this video, notice that all the people being interviewed basically look like office workers who came to Hong Kong like an American citizen might plan a vacation to Michigan.  They wear comfortable, causal clothing, have dorky hair cuts, and wear fashionable glasses. They are relaxed, well fed and have money to spend -- spend in Hong Kong.

In the 1950's, 1960's and even the 1970's, China had an abundance of farmers and laborers it could draw upon to throw into any conflict it engaged in.  Vietnam?  Korea? Just grab a few hundred thousand ignorant farmers from their fields, shove a rifle into their hands, point them at the American outpost you want overwhelmed and warn them not to slip in the blood of their fellow farmers as they rush the American positions.

Now, however, you lack as many of those ignorant farmers that China once had.  Instead you have a sizable number of accountants, bookkeepers, school teachers, computer support specialist and other infrastructure people vacationing in Hong Kong.

Just like American citizens vacationing in Georgia.

Today's Chinese citizens understand guns and killing in concept but in their entire lives they have never actually killed anything to eat it.  Just like in America, hamburger comes from the grocery store, not your neighbor's cow.  Shove a gun in their hands and order them to storm an outpost?  "Surely there's a less violent solution, right?  I have to have the Wang report on my boss's desk by Friday."

In short, a LOT of Chinese are actually enjoying their lives.  The concept of simply throwing those lives away is something they will actively avoid. Oh, on command they will still shout "China! China! We the Best! We can take on the West!" but in real life they are mainly worried about producing reports on next month's Chu Widget production.

In addition to this, it has been known for some time that during the May Day parades, as the Communist countries proudly march their military might down the main street of the capital cities, some of the missiles on display are made of cardboard, some of the rifles being carried are held together with duct tape.  Faked constructs created to hide the failings of missile production and true military status of the country.  Just like in Iraq and North Korea, if anyone knew how badly the Chinese missile and weapons program were being handled the country might fear organized attacks led by Falun Gong mother-in-laws.

Then there's Hong Kong (I told you I'd get here).  Because of all the structured lies in the Communist system, the government of China is proceeding with its planned absorption of Hong Kong fully into the Communist controlled, Chinese bureaucratic structure.  The Hong Kong people, having grown accustom to their freedoms AND having more access to more diverse information than the average Chinese citizen, understand what this means.  The funny thing is it's not just the loss of freedoms they object to, but the endless levels of corruption of the Chinese system that disturbs many of the Hong Kong citizens. The Chinese triggering event for the recent actions, the arrest of a Hong Kong citizen for deportation into the Chinese "justice" system, sent chills through any person who has seen the Richard Gere movie " Red Corner*" more than once.

*If you haven't seen the 1997 movie, it details the level of corruption and lack of TRUE due process that exists in the Chinese court system; a system where you are guilty until you can be tortured until admitting to being guilty, no matter what your true status once was.

In any case, the Chinese government, due to the corrupt status of its nature, has over estimated the ease in which Hong Kong would join the greater Chinese governing system.

Then there is the Chinese gender problem (which will be detailed in a future post) which only adds to the continuing Chinese Taiwan problem.

In short, the Chinese Government is currently built on sand.  This means their underlying base has been weakened by endless years of solving problems with a bullet to anyone stupid enough to Truthfully report the dangers in the aspects of the Chinese infrastructure.  They built their government on a system where lying for effect means surviving another day.

China is also still controlled by aging generals who lack a clear understanding of what today's society is like and an understanding of the actual love of life the current citizens have.  They have elder members of the ruling party who actually think that sacrificing a few million citizens will not affect those who remain to fill in for the ones who were eliminated.

They do not understand that while one farmer can replace another (no offense), no one understands the Wang Reports like the person who was just forced to join the military.  Because of this, China will soon have some serious Wang issues.

These false beliefs in the sturdy nature of the Chinese government are contributing heavily to China's HUGE problem.  With the American President, Donald Trump, actually holding China accountable to the corruption other USA presidents have looked away from, when his push comes to Chinese shove, the Chinese system will soon buckle and collapse like a ... Well, like attempting to launch a cardboard missile.

Eventually, the Chinese leadership will begin to see the citizens growing even more restless than they already have.  They will discover that in the current age, the availability of an endless supply of short lived and short-life farmers that can be converted into soldiers has been drastically changed into happy people expecting long, happy lives.

Even among the farmers!

No Communist system can survive long when trying to govern happy people.  Not even China's.

There is more to this. As we move forward I will document this further and explore other insights I have gained in my exploration of this world.

I Am Sielow, These are my words.
If you like what you have seen and read, please consider supporting me at: www.subscribestar.com/IamSielow
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The Solution to Violence In America Is EXTREMELY Simple!

Cut right to the chase:  To solve the problem with violence in America all you have to do is REQUIRE every single American to be armed.

No, I am not kidding.

If you were required to have a weapon to obtain a driver’s license, what would happen at EVERY single traffic stop.  The cop would pull you over, while behind his door, he’d order you to open your door and place your weapon on the ground next to the car.  Then he’d order you and any passengers to exit the vehicle with your hands raised.  Asking if you had any other weapons, once cleared he’d approach and process your citation.

No longer would any cop WONDER if you were armed, he’d KNOW you were armed.

Anyone pulling a weapon in public for any reason other than display or discussion or review would be met with a dozen others reaching for their weapons.  “Put your weapon back in your holster and we will as well.”

Just as you have to pass a driving test to get your license, the tests would be enlarged to include a gun safety and usage review portion.  Fail your driving test, no license.  Fail your gun test, no license.

Restrictions on drivers license would include weapons specific aspects:  B) Wears glasses.  R) Has been known to pull out weapon at random.

Certifications and endorsements would also be noted:  TL2: Two Year Professional Trucking License endorsement.  BS: Bump Stock endorsement.

Kids would get learner permits:  Cannot operate a vehicle without a parent, cannot travel with a weapon without a parent.

Lose your driving privileges, lose your weapons privileges .  Lose your weapons privileges lose your driving privileges.

Driving drunk or under the influence would have the same result of pulling a weapon without cause or while under the influence.  Bartenders would now say: “Hey, buddy.  Give me your car keys AND your weapon.  You are too drunk to use either.  I’ll call you a cab and you can pick these up tomorrow.”

Insurance companies would not only cover your driving, your car and events happening to others, but also any accidental discharges of your weapon.

Kill someone on purpose by car or gun results in murder charges.

No longer would anyone encountering anyone else do so with the expectation of safety.  All crazy acting people would be assumed to be armed and the appropriate responses be enacted:  “Sir!  You are mumbling to yourself in the theater, I will assume you are armed and a danger to everyone.  Please stand up and slowly exit the theater.”  All the other citizens rise with the disturbed individual with their hands on their weapons, just in case.  Anyone drawing prematurely would also be asked to leave.

Liberals, who normally support suicide options, would be glad to know all a suicidal person would need to do is pull their weapon in a crowded location and the person would go down in a hail of gun fire.


No one would assume the other person cannot defend themselves and no crowd of people would be unable to.

I Am Sielow, these are my words.

If you like what you have seen and read, please consider supporting me at: www.subscribestar.com/IamSielow


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