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I run a blog, vlog (soon), am an author, playwright and writer. I do a little bit of everything. I have seen many things, including the solutions to a LOT of issues. I hope my solutions will help solve some problems.
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  • My name is Sielow. I am a philosopher, psychic and modern-day wizard. Supporting me will allow me to continue to share what i have seen, and in some cases, I have seen the answers to age old questions. Supporting me will allow the world to consider my words. I am Sielow.

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Public post

Make It Smaller!

I have determined that people can only handle the discussions in large chunks while face-to-face.  So from now on I will be breaking things down in chunks.   I urge you to read each chunk, but each part should be able to (almost) stand alone when read.

This post serves as the starting point for this intent.

I Am Sielow, These are my words.
I am trying to become known.  If you like what you've read, PLEASE share it and recommend my works to others.
If you'd like to see other items I've posted, look for my blog at: https://iamsielow.tumblr.com/archive 
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You love natural hair?  Really?  Where?

"Oh!  She has natural hair!" they scream with delight when the black woman shows up with a nice huge, curly afro, or worse an out of control growth of black hair that has no one controlling it.
Well my responses to these screams of delight are always the same:  Do you suppose she shaves her underarms?
I mean, the purpose of the praise given is to allow black hair to be black hair, but if that is the goal then shouldn't she be suspending ALL hair maintenance?
No shaving of the pits?  No bikini waxes?  That caterpillar growing above your upper lip: Why are you killing it?
Look, I enjoy a good well kept afro: Neat; under 5 inches in length; under control when you move your head.
I also recognize that the general audience doesn't want African American girl to be afraid of their natural hair.  Yeah, I get that as well. 
But on the other side of thing, I get hair cuts to tame my hair.  Don't go telling me I should let my hair do what it wants.  Frankly I LOOK BETTER in hair that is under control.
It's NOT a black and white thing, either -- for one thing, you have no idea how "afro" my hair becomes when I let it go long.  It's simply a matter that, YES, shaved pits are, to me, cleaner.  Bikini waxes are more tempting.  Shaved legs more silky and an uncontrolled afro just is a mess.
My barber completely agrees.
So if you scream with delight over uncontrolled "natural" afro hair, then I simply ask you to feel that same way about her/his pits, landing zone and legs ... or back ... or belly ... or upper lip ... or feet ... or extremely thick uni-brow (ugh).
If you have no problem doing that, then let me wander the woods for a couple of months and we'll hook-up when I come back out, natural look, smells and all.
Yeah, I thought not.
I Am Sielow, These are my words.
My blog is based out of “https://IAmSielow.tumblr.com/archive”
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In God's Years

My God Wants a New Task
I'm having some difficulties with my God.  He wants me to do something for Him, but there is some cost, some risk and it is not an easy task.  He's asked me to do things for Him in the past and He always promises I'll be paid back in a HUGE bounty, but each time the bounty never arrives.  Right now he has another task He wants from me and once again assures me of a HUGE bounty but when I ask about WHEN he's going to fulfill his promise of a HUGE payout from the actions taken in the past and the current one, He simply says "Soon, Sielow, soon."
This and a recent event reminded me of a story from my past.
I found a dead bee on the wooden frame of my back door a couple of days ago.  It had flown there to rest and then, due to age, just died.
I was reminded of the time I had had a conversation with a bee.  It was very enlightening.
I was at a large local park when I spotted a bee on a flower and I opened myself up and start conversing with the bee.  In case you're wondering, bees usually use a lot of buzz words when they talk. (Yes, a pun.)
Anyway, as we were discussing the various aspects of our lives, it telling me of its life in the hive and me of the things I'd done, the bee became suddenly silent.
"How …" it started asking, "How old are you?"
When dealing with humans I have a standard answer for this question that is more joke than actual answer but I decided to be serious with my small little friend.  After quickly converting my age into days, I told the bee how many days I had been alive.
The bee became so still I thought maybe my answer had killed it.
"Are you … Are you a god?"
This question surprised me and I ran through some quick figures.
A basic (worker) bee lives about 45 days.  A human can live to be 90 years old.  Ninety is twice forty-five, and where a bee measures its life in days, human measure their lives in years.  So while a bee might live 45 days, a human lives to 730 times that or 32,850 days -- 45 bee days times 2 (to get 90) times 365 days per year for 90 human years; 45 x 2 x 365 = 32,850 days is the life span of a 90 year old man.  32,850 man days / 45 life span of a bee = 730 bee lives.  
I know, math, right?  Ugh!  Just play along for now.  That said: A human being can generally live 730 bee life spans.  That's not even generational, either.  This is:  One bee drops dead, a new one takes its place.
The bee that had been in front of me might only see one or perhaps two full moons in its entire life.  A bee born in Spring will not see Fall, a been born in the Summer will not see Winter; the bee born to Fall will never know Spring and those few Winter bees will never know Summer.
If it rains for a week for this bee, preventing it from leaving the hive, it would like having it rain for fourteen years as a human.  (7 days times 730 the human life multiplier then divided by 365 days per year.)  To make it simple, just image that every day of a bee's life was worth 2 human years:  One of their days consists of a year of light and a year of darkness for a human.
Then I considered other things.  At most, during the day, a bee might fly a mile; my normal daily travels could be 60 miles or more.  Whereas as a human I wonder about what lies beyond the farthest star, this bee wondered what it was like beyond the hill it could see a couple of miles away.
I could, if I wanted, reach down and grab the bee and transport it to beyond the hill and while it would never know its friends and family ever again, it would learn what life was like beyond that hill.
I could also, if I wanted, stomp down and destroy the bee forever and forget about my actions in a few months.
Then I did some quick math.
What if MY god had an existence for 730 times the life span of a human?  This means my god's life span would be (90 years times 730) 65,700 years.
Sixty-five-point-seven THOUSAND years!
Oh my god!  My God, if His life span was as mine was to this bee, would have seen civilizations rise and fall in the blink of an eye.  My God watches glaciers form, melt; the lands grow hot and then cold again and glaciers to reform.  Our God had seen dinosaur civilizations rise and fall.  Our lives were a blink of light to Him.  I live, grow old, pass away and my bones turn to dust in moments for Him.  Monuments appear and then seem to melt as time weathers them away.
How simple our lives must seem to him.  As simple as a bee's life seems to me.
Then I considered it further:  What of our God's God?  What if there were 730 life spans of Him for Him-Him?
47,961,000 years!  That's almost a 48 million year life span.  The God of my God could hear the stars singing (something I am told sounds like angels in a choir).  Planets spin around the sun too fast to measure.  Spin, heck!  Planets are formed, spin around their suns and then either are absorbed by that sun or are expelled into space.
As a God's God You could travel the stars marveling at the all the colors of the rainbow shimmering into existence from sudden flashes up into hues and then down in giant red, dusty brown, small whites or flashes of the last moments before they go dark.
I marveled at the thought.
Then finally I considered my God' God's God:  35,011,530,000 years!!  35 BILLION years!  Galaxies grew and bloomed like flowers for Him-Him-Him.  The light from those Galaxies would bloom around him and …
And then I got it:
Genesis 1:3: And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. 4: God saw that the light was good, and He separated the light from the darkness.
For my God's God's God, the Universe was All Light, separating existence from the Darkness, All the Glory of Creation.
What a wondrous thing to imagine.
But I am not a god and told my bee friend this.  Despite all my powers and abilities, I was, at the moment, simply a traveler learning.
This brings me back to my current situation.  My God may, truly intend on paying me back for the past chores I have done for Him, and my God knows I do love Him dearly, I really do!  But I have seen too much time pass and too many promised returns never realized.
The task He would have me do is complex, dangerous and iffy.  It requires a LOT of Faith, something I have lost due to other events I may tell you about someday.
(I really do Believe in and Love my God dearly, I just no longer have any Faith in the subordinates he has assigned to me.)
So now that God is asking me to complete this new task, He keeps asking WHEN I will start it.  Remembering how slowly time moves for Him, now when He asks, I'll turn and look at Him and I reply, "Soon, God, soon."
I Am Sielow, These are my words.
If you like what you have seen and read, please consider supporting me at: www.subscribestar.com/IamSielow
I am also (soon to be) on YouTube as IAmSielow.  Please consider looking for my works and subscribing.
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Hong Kong is a Test! Hong K...

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Hong Kong is a Test! China ...

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Hong Kong is a Test! Thirty...

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Hong Kong is a Test! The Ch...

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Public post

Hong Kong is a Test! (The Full Story) -- This is broken down into four parts elsewhere as well.

The Chinese Government Learn a Harsh Lesson in 1989 - The Art of War (Part 1):
You need to understand what is REALLY happening in Hong Kong!  It's not what it seems.
First, when you see May Day parades in communist countries or countries with hard line governments (Soviet Union, North Korea), you need to know some of the missiles and weapons being presented are basically cardboard fakes or items being held together with glue, or duct tape and a little paint.
Videos exist of weapons falling apart during training exercises; of sound effects being added to simulated weapons being fired and fakery of all kinds to make people think the soldiers of these various countries stand ready to do battle.
The problem is a group of causal events are coming to a head in China.  These events are primarily led by the male-female ratio that came about as an Unintended Consequence of China's attempt to reduce its population growth.  This causes the entire problem and we'll cover it last.  First we need to get to Hong Kong:
Hong Kong is a test of the military, a test of the civilian leadership, the soldiers in the field and those in charge of the soldiers.  It is an attempt to re-affirm the Tiananmen Square readiness of China's soldiers and it is not looking good.
It is now late 2019.  In 1989 a LARGE group of Chinese citizens learned first hand the list of freedoms their government claimed they had as Chinese citizens was a false construct.  The Chinese's PEOPLE'S Army murdered a large group of the Chinese people it had sworn to serve and protect.  At that point it was revealed that no matter what else was written or said, the only thing the People's Army served were the People Ruling China -- PRC used to stand for People's Republic of China.
Now it does not.
This was all learned in a square containing the Monument to the People's Heroes, the Great Hall of the People, the National Museum of China, and the Mausoleum of Mao Zedong; all items which the leadership always claimed reflected the importance of the Chinese people in their country.  A square in which the people learned they were not the important part of their country but rather just the carpet the leadership tread upon when needed.
Currently the events at Hong Kong are a test of the military as a follow-up to Tiananmen Square.  Back when China was providing troops in Vietnam and Korea, they had an endless supply of men they could send into battle, with broken rifles or not.  The farms and collectives contained enough starving, ignorant people, that when the trucks rolled in to round up new recruits, the farmers just treated it as another event in the doldrums of their lives.  They jumped in the trucks as commanded, put on the newer clothes, grabbed the working or not working rifles, and then they were shipped or marched to the strongholds the (mostly American) resistance had in place in either Vietnam, Korea, Cambodia or wherever the Chinese military leaders needed bodies to lead into battle followed by the soldiers with working weapons.
Once on site, the poorly trained, poorly equipped former farmers rushed headlong into the American bullets in endless waves.  More than one American squad leader reported his troops did not die because of superior soldiers but simply because the enemy never stopped coming!  Troopers simply ran out of bullets and were overrun by the never ending sea of enemy combatants.
That was then.  Move ahead to 1989 and the Tiananmen Square protests.  A lot had changed in China.  China was no longer an isolated super power but was now being bombarded by concepts and ideals that were at odds with Mao Zedong, one of the men who created and ruled Communist China from the beginning.  Before he died, he had converted and transformed the country into a vast land of people who sheepishly did as they were told.
These new, outside influences corrupted the sheepish aspects of some of those able to taste other ideas and found non-state regulated concepts they wanted to explore; freedoms they, as members of the People's Republic of China, wanted to adopt.
Sadly, these people discovered the army was no longer the People's Army and were killed in a massive military wave.
BUT something happened in Tiananmen.  Something that disturbed the Chinese leaders in a deep, deep way:  One lone Chinaman stood up and stopped an advancing line of tanks.  The lead tank in a convoy line of tanks refused to simply run down this lone citizen and a short stalemate resulted.
This startled the Chinese leadership.  When the Leaders said "Jump" the result was that soldiers started jumping until they died or until they were told to stop.  Suddenly it occurred to the Chinese leaders that they were not in as firm a command of their soldiers as they should have been.
They just ordered the massacre of the citizens in the square and yet here was a trooper's refusal to kill one man.  The leadership FORCED the army to jump when commanded to do so.  Soldiers who refused to kill their fellow citizens were killed on the spot in front of the other soldiers.
This follows the lessons and writing of the Chinese War philosopher, Sun Tzu and his texts covering "The (Ancient) Art of War."  Legends says that in once instance, Sun Tzu claimed to the Emperor of China that in a month (or some set time period) he and a few hand picked soldiers could train 1,000 court "palace girls" to beat 1,000 of the Emperor's troops.  In the story, as Sun Tzu begins training the girls, he divides them into squads.  Each squad chooses a leader.  Sun Tzu gives all the squads a task to perform, a simple thing like building a mound of dirt or marching a set distance. The task is to be completed by the next morning.
Thinking this is all just a fun thing; the assigned tasks are not completed and the women just played around in their place.
The next morning, Sun Tzu has his leadership soldiers to summon all the "girl warriors" to the parade grounds and into their squads.  He then orders the squad leaders to explain why the command given the previous day was not carried out.  After listening to the excuses, he then orders his soldiers to chop the heads off the squad leaders' right in front of the assembled "girl" troops.  All the women are shaken and overwhelmed by what they have just seen.  After the women are brought back to order, he orders each squad to choose a new leader and then gives the new squad leader the order to complete some simple task.
Each time a squad fails to complete a task, the squad leader is executed in front of her squad and a new leader is chosen,
Eventually a time comes when given tasks are completed.  As the training continues, the women are trained in the Art of War and, using Sun Tzu's methods, wipe out the Emperor's troops when they are sent to battle each other.
The troopers who refused to attack the protesters in the square were executed on the spot, no questions ask.  This "convinced" the other troops to destroy the protesters as instructed.
Thirty Years Later: 2019 in Hong Kong and Here Come the Men! (Part 2):
Now jump ahead 30 years from 1989 to 2019.  China has problems: A HUGE number of problems.  Like all corrupt governments, China is beginning to be eaten from the inside out by corrupt leaders and corrupt leadership practices.  The flaws of any government structure grow and are magnified as time passes and the government grows.
China has many flaws, one of which, in the military's eyes, the number of farmers is being overwhelmed by citizens who work in or support offices and business operations.
The military can no longer pull up transport trucks to a location and order the assembled men to jump into the truck to be delivered to battle.  The needed men explain to those trying to gather up soldiers that the Wang Widget Report is due Monday morning and they can't possibly go to war because if the Wang Widget Report doesn't get filed, then Lee Larder Inventory won't be completed, which means …
Which means the military cannot load up trucks like they used to.
In addition to this, these Men in Suits have seen Die Hard movies, Rambo flicks, and Jackie Chan action adventures.  They know which end of the barrel a bullet comes out and they know when the weapon they've been given fails to work.
Finally, a farmer is used to walking 20 hours a day.  These office workers cannot even walk for more than 30 minutes at a stretch.
The military may lack the bodies it once had.  The bodies are there, but they are not the same simple, ignorant masses the Military once had at its beck and call.
Finally there's the real reason for this event in Hong Kong and it's not because of anything you think.  All of the previous factors are adding to a HUGE problem China has coming:
The Boys are becoming Men!
Years ago, some smart people in China ran projections and realized that unless they did something drastic, the population of the country would soon overwhelm the entire structure.
In classic heavy handed fashion, the Chinese Leaders declared that all families would be restricted to one child each.
Then the Laws of Unintended Consequences kicked in.
First of all, China had outlawed religions.  Religions are competitors to Communist, Socialist and Dictatorship governments.  Religious people will do amazing things for an afterlife made of soft existence and every want taken care of.  Thus the hardships of real life can be directly at odds with the commands of a religion and the religion will win.
Cut off my head?  Fine;   I'll laugh at you from Paradise.
With Religions gone, a lot of religious precepts went with it, like the outcomes of childbirth.  Most religions consider children, all children, good things.  Some children are more useful than others, but overall, you take a chance, God grants you a child and you run with it.
In China, the lack of God meant abortions are not considered as sinful as in a religious culture.  Abortions are allowed.  So when the parents learn the single allowed child growing in a womb is a girl and not a boy, the knives and coat hangers come out.
You see, in China girls are fine.  They are fine cooks.  They are fine cleaners.  They sew pretty darn well and fetch water.  And when it comes to making babies, they do so at an acceptable rate.
However, a man can plow a field, build you a home, fight off bandits, and, most important of all, they take care of you when you are old.  When you marry off a girl, she leaves your family and when you get old and sick, she would be too busy caring for her husband's family to care for you.
So it is better to have a boy fetus than a girl fetus and quicker than you can say "Roe verses Wade," the unwanted girls fetuses are removed.
While this is not done universally in China, it is done with such frequency that there are a lot more males being born than females.  This causes other problems.  While it is widely believed that females pick their mates, it is forgotten that men choose which females to chase.
Suddenly not only does China have more boys than girls, but not all the girls are worth mating.  So the ratio of boys to girls grows larger.
Suddenly the boys are becoming men.  In addition to doing fake battles, young men want young girls.  They want mates.  They want to make babies!
But the river of girls is shallow.  So the men do what comes naturally:  They begin to battle other men for the right to impregnate the chosen woman.  The men who have won the right before this naturally resist losing their hard fought for baby machines and battle back.
When men start battling each other, they usually look up the chain of command for a better spot to battle from and to defend their acquisition from others who desire the prize they have acquired, they look for a spot to defend "her" from others.
The Chinese government suddenly realizes that eventually these horny bastards will start looking at the Chinese Leaders as the cause of these problems and the Leadership realizes they need to solve the problem of too many men in a time honored way:
They need to kill off the males in a war.
China has TOO MANY MEN!  China Needs a War! (Part 3):
China has too many men and it needs a war to kill off a large collection of them.
The problems are many:  They lack warriors.  They lack simple farmers easily controlled.  They lack simple citizens who are unfamiliar with weapons.  They lack men who will follow orders without question.
But how deep is the problem?  How deep into the military does the corruption run and how deep into the military does the lack of controllable troops run?
China needs a test location, but where?  Military tests are best performed in-country and under controlled conditions.  Outcomes need analyzed, processes need explored, troop readiness and control needs review.  But where can the military conduct such actions in China without disrupting Chinese control of the various regions?
Hong Kong!
Assemble a good section of the army and send it to Hong Kong.  We can judge our weapons, our command readiness, our troop strengths AND the ability to order our citizens into death while in uniform!
Unfortunately Chinese leaders are discovering the issues I've already mentioned:  The weapons are fake, the soldiers unfit, the soldiers unwilling, and the leadership weak.
They also discover the citizens of Honk Kong are like those in Tiananmen Square multiplied by THOUSANDS!  They are willing to fight to retain the freedoms they enjoy.  They know the death they will suffer if they give in.
So they fight back.
And they will lose.
They WILL lose.
The Chinese Leadership, while learning about their own flaws, has something those in Hong Kong don't:  An endless supply of bodies to throw at the citizens of Hong Kong.  There are still enough ignorant farmers in China that can be given new uniforms, broken weapons and taken to the Honk Kong border and sent into battle until they overwhelm the citizens of Hong Kong.
In War, Hong Kong will lose.  
Hong Kong does have ONE weapon the Chinese Military lacks the skill to deal with.  It is the one weapon those in Hong Kong might be able to use to survive and perhaps even win their battle.
The World Wide Web.
The people in Hong Kong have the internet and all the people of the world who see this as a one-dimension event: An Evil Central Government trying to oppress freedom loving citizens using brutal processes to do so.
But those in Hong Kong will still lose.  China simply has TOO MANY men.  Even importing slave girls from Vietnam and local other regions is not helping.  Those women coming to China are not the pure women a horny, hunting man wants to find.  These women coming from 'Nam are cast offs, and cast offs for good reasons.  The desirable women in 'Nam are already claimed and are difficult to acquire, difficult to successfully import.
China will still need a war to bleed off its male population after Hong Kong is resolved.
Hong Kong Is A Test! Preparation For WHERE? (Part 4):
So you see: Hong Kong is a test.  It is a test of men, weapons, leadership and the ability of the Chinese Leaders to order men to march into death.  It is a test to determine what corrective measures will be needed go to war AND it will determine what kind of meat grinder China needs to create.
That comes next.  Once the cheers from defeating Hong Kong had subsided and the corrective measures are in place, China will begin looking for an absolutely irrational war to start.  It will be a senseless war for the given reason, but a purposeful war for the needed reason:  Kill off as many Chinese males as possible.
But where?  Where will this next event take place?  What are the options?
Taiwan?  Yes, Mainland China has claimed Taiwan for decades.  But Taiwan has so many protectors, including the United States, that invading Taiwan could REALLY produce some HUGE unintended consequences.  Plus it is not accessible by land.  
When shoveling men into a meat grinder, it works better when you do not have to use ships to move the men.  Ships prevent the quick transportation of massive amounts of soldiers.  
In addition to this, if you thought the Chinese land based equipment is in poor shape, you have no idea how much worse the navy is.  Also, when a troop ship sinks you cannot measure which of those drowning troops would have been super soldiers and which would have been failures.  The open sea tends to take both in equal amounts.
So Taiwan is dangerous for multiple reasons.
Japan?  Yes, China owes Japan for many ancient insults and actions the Japanese committed against China.  These events still enrage some Chinese leaders even in this day and age.  But Japan has an even large support base than Taiwan does and even more countries would defend it.
Japan is an even worse choice than Taiwan.
There is a list of things needed:  There needs to be an opposing land based army.  A country the Chinese troops could be marched into battle as one formidable army with a week's worth of rations -- the soldiers would strip additional meals off the fallen.  
There needs to be a battle location in which man-to-man combat provides incentives and visible results that can be measured by the Chinese Government.
Second it would be handy if the country had a lot of ignorant citizen-farmers that could be constricted, be given worthless weapons and marched into battles without questions like China did decades ago.
It would also help if the country if the country was still technically at war with someone.
Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, I give you my predictions and what is really going on:
Hong Kong is a test.  It is a test of the military in preparation of China needing a sense of how easily it can bleed off its males in a senseless war.
After the results of Hong Kong, no matter that those may be, China will start a senseless war.  It will be a war in which (please listen closely) No Amount of Logic or Pleading Will Prevent.
After Hong Kong, China will start a senseless, bloody battle with:
South Korea.
The reason given will be over some small, senseless thing.  Someone will fart during dinner.  The salad fork will be placed on the wrong side of the plate.  The South Korean president's tie will be too wide.
No amount of begging, pleading or capitulation will prevent a massive, bloody invasion of troops from North Korea into the South.  North Koreas will lead the very thin first wave, but they will be slaughtered as much by the Chinese behind them as the South Korean defenders in front of them.
And as soon as China has slaughtered enough of its males as need or has won as much land as is possible, the war will be suspended -- under new conditions.
So:  Hong Kong is a test to determine what is needed to invade South Korea so as to reduce the number of horny males in China who would, eventually, overthrow the current government.
I Am Sielow, These are my words.
If you like what you have seen and read, please consider supporting me at: www.subscribestar.com/IamSielow
I am also (soon to be) on YouTube as IAmSielow.  Please consider looking for my works and subscribing.
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Public post

Ritual of Feeding Breakfast to the Dead.

I write this while the dream is still fresh within my mind.  I must remember to mention the name of the man, Shelly Uri.  That seemed important.  He was a captain of some sort.  Wore what looked like a navy officer's uniform.
The dream was of an oriental ritual: The feeding of the dead.  Whether the ritual is real or not, or currently performed or an ancient practice, I do not know.  In the dream, those recently dead either came to or were brought to a table where a meal of a couple of eggs, toast and perhaps bacon was prepared for them.  It was served on good solid plates with real silverware on white napkins.  The presentation of the meal was not with cheap throwaway utensils, although it was not fine china either.  It was good home cooked meal served properly.
Oddly, I did not notice any drinks supplied.
As they sat at the school lunchroom styled picnic table, the meal was placed in front of them so they could ritualistically have/enjoy a final meal; a warm breakfast, the memory of which they would take into the afterlife.
After a little while, no rush, the uneatened meal would be gathered -- basically the plate was collected -- and all the uneatened meal would be scraped into the garbage and the plate and utensils sent to be washed.
Once the food had been taken away, the dead person would also either be walked away or carried away for further processing which I assumed meant a burial.  This meal was meant to be a good memory for the recently dead, like a funeral and wake is in American society, but in this instance, the ritual is/was very curt and direct.
In the dream, the principal participants were all or almost all oriental.  The line of people to be processed was very, very long.  Indeed, the Cook commented to his crew that they needed to keep making meals to keep up.  They didn't have to rush anything, but they needed to keep making each meal, one after another.  No one was allowed to pause or take a break as they were very busy.  Several people were seated and processed at the same table at the same time, but as mentioned, no one served was rushed.
The names of the participants were on several printed sheets of a clipboard which a coordinator was using to make sure everyone got served.  The dead were propped up on the picnic-styled bench, several in a row on either side, hands down at their sides as the delicious, steaming, warm breakfasts were placed in front of them.
The people being served were mostly civilians, with a few military people here and there as well.  There was a man I am supposed to mention by name:  Shelly Uri.  He was military both in dress (as mentioned he looked very much like a naval captain) and in bearing.
I searched the internet for the name, tried to translate it as well.  There are old and scattered references to the name, but nothing of note.
As mentioned the primary people being processed through this death ritual were oriental.  I am aware of the current (November, 2019) events in Honk Kong between the Chinese Government and the citizens trying to retain their freedom(s).  I also know the need the Chinese government has in showing its command and control of Hong Kong (see next post).  I know how deadly it may become.
I do not know if this vivid dream was a reaction to current events or a prophecy of things to come.
For now simply know it as an intensely vivid dream about a ritual of dead people being served a final breakfast.
I Am Sielow, These are my words.
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Why did Trump use the chosen words to describe the Death of al-Baghdadi?

There are few greater wordsmiths on this world than Donald Trump.  The best wordsmiths, a person who uses words as tools, are those who make you wake up in the middle of the night suddenly realizing what exactly was said.  Donald Trump displayed this talent no better than in his description of how the terrorist Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the founder-leader of the Islamic State, died.
In case you missed it many have criticized Trump on his description of the end of al-Baghdadi which went along these lines:
(Paraphrased) "Our brave troops and their dogs drove a whimpering al-Baghdadi deep into a dead end tunnel that he had dragged three of his children into.  There, crying and begging for his life, he detonated a suicide vest killing him and his three children and wounding one of the dogs that had been chasing him."
I immediately understood why Trump chose to use these phrases but it seems to have completely gone over the heads of many in the media and many non-Muslims.
First, the Koran SPECIFICALLY forbids using children as shields.
Yes, yes, I know there are ENDLESS examples of Muslims purposely using women, children and elders as shields in battles and events, but this does not mean the Koran endorses these actions and there WILL be Hell to pay once those who have done such things reach the end of their time on Earth.
By dragging along three of his children as shields, al-Baghdadi violated a fundamental rule of Islam.
Second he was being chased by dogs.  Many non-Muslims do not realize that at one point in his rule, The Prophet, Blessed Be His Name, declared that ALL dogs were evil and were to be put to death.  (There’s a non-Allah reason why he did this but I’ll save that for another day.)
Unfortunately for The Prophet, many of his followers had dogs and loved them VERY much.  The Prophet faced a mutiny so large he almost lost control of his empire.  Suddenly  he declared that he misunderstood Allah's commands OR Allah had changed his mind and decided only BLACK dogs were evil and needed destroyed.*
The above is why you generally do not see many Muslims owning dogs where it is an option.  There is even a phrase in Islam that says, "The angels do not enter a house in which there is … a dog."
*Yes, yes, I know, I know.  If the Prophet, Blessed Be His Name, got the instructions about dogs wrong, were there other things he didn't interpret correctly?  One does not ask such things out loud.
The third aspect of this description was that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the founder-leader of the Islamic State, died begging for his life.
ALL Islamic fighters, even those in suicide vests, are supposed to willing give up their lives for Islam.  Few are the times you ever hear of a terrorist begging for his life before blowing himself up.
Yet here, at the highest point in the organization, the leader of All Things, died a whimpering, begging coward.
Using children as shields, chased by unclean dogs and dying while crying for mercy.
There is no martyr in this description.   There is no rallying point in his death.  Instead, Donald Trump announced to the world that the man who had sent many a Muslim to their deaths had, himself, died a coward and a traitor to Islam.
Every single person hearing Donald describe Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi should have woken up that night, laughed a sudden little laugh of understanding and gone back to sleep with a smile on their faces.
Donald Trump, one of the best wordsmiths in the world, I salute you.  While we may be few, there are those who know EXACTLY what you did in your description of al-Baghdadi's death.  I hope the ripples spread as far as they need to.
I Am Sielow, These are my words.
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Gasoline Powered Cars Grant You More Freedom From Government

Being a paranoid who thinks the goal of every government (ruling elite) is to seize Power over it's citizens (anyone who knows ANY history is sure to say with deep sarcasm, "Really?  No!").  Most but a select few types of people think when they have mastered something (gain Power) it makes them more worthy than anyone else to wield this Power and they know better than common folk.
We'll argue this in the future, but for now I want you to consider Electric Cars.
I figured out the electric car thing.  Why push electric cars when they require more resources than gas cars do?  From the electricity generated to charge them, to the life span of the batteries AND the cars themselves, electric cars can double the amount of natural resources it takes to you to drive one verses the resources used for a gasoline powered vehicle.  So why are governments pushing for these resource wasting items to be used by citizens?
Then it suddenly hit me:
Where can you go with a gas car?
Anywhere.  I'm serious.  You could load up the trunk and back seat with gas cans and literally drive anywhere.  Civilized or not.  Run out of gas?  You can easily take gas from an abandoned vehicle and go even further.
Where can you go in an electric car?  Only to where there is a controlled population dependent on civilization.  Using an electric car, you are easily controlled.  You CAN NOT disappear.  You MUST do as the controlling authority demands because if you don't they will cut you off.
Gas power:  Freedom.  Electric:  Controlled.
In a discussion on this subject, one electric car user informed me he was able to travel 250 miles out of one charge.  He proposed that using a solar recharger he was at less of an advantage than a gas powered vehicle.
On 60 MPH roads, that means he could drive about 4 hours before not being able to go further.
Another problem with Solar Energy is that it is inefficient, not a constant and depending on WHERE on the globe you live, the recharging time could be days or even weeks before you'd be able to have a full charge.
Suppose that RIGHT NOW I needed to "go someplace else."  Chicago, IL, to El Paso, TX is about 1485 miles from each other.  We'll assume 60 MPH roads, that I get 24 MPG and I've got a 15 gallon tank on the car and 35 gallons in 7 gas cans in the truck or back seat for a total of 50 gallons as I start my trip.
I can drive 1200 miles on what I've got and (15 x 24 = 360) only need to fill up my tank once to reach El Paso on a drive lasting 24 hours straight.
For the electric car I'd constantly have to seek civilized areas (with more cops -- did I forget to mention I'm avoiding the police?) once every 4 hours.  With a recharge time of 2 hours (optimum rate), my journey takes 1.5 days AND places me at monitored electric recharge locations 6 times.
So, if you need to "go to someplace" gasoline power vehicles allow you more freedom to do so.
Gasoline powered cars:  Freedom.  Electric powered cars:  Government control.
I Am Sielow, These are my words.
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Cats produce an addictive neurotoxin which causes cat-ladies and other illnesses.

The oddity of life is often how things you dislike are needed to maintain the things you do.  Take feral cats, for example.
My neighborhood had feral cats for a LONG time.  I personally dislike cats.  A) We both serve the same master and they are always trying to make me look bad in front of Him and B) I am very allergic to the neurotoxin they secrete.
In case you were not aware of it, cats produce a neurotoxin which is not only addictive but also deadly ... to small animals.  Have you ever seen a mouse just walk up to a cat unafraid?  Part of the hunting aspects of cats is that they secrete a "nerve gas" in their urine and saliva which causes small animals to grow careless, reckless and unafraid.  It's a hunting aid which enables a cat to catch more prey in their territory.
The stuff is addictive and causes neuro-damage to humans as well.
This is why "cat ladies" exist.  They grow used to the dosage level of, let's say, six cats and so will get a seventh to boost the dosage.  Then they need an eighth, ninth and so on.  Pretty soon you've got a house of cats as the woman is totally enveloped by the toxin.
It affects men as well.
The symptoms are wide ranging and can be different for different people.  For example in my case if I so much as pet a cat for the next three days I will be lethargic and wanting to sleep constantly.  Also after petting a cat I get a form of arthritis that is hard to combat.  My joints will actually creak with the arthritis running at full steam!
For another person I knew, the affects were different.
I kept warning my friend that the weakness in his life, the mental issues he was having, were linked to the FOUR cats he kept in his apartment where he, as an elder, spent most of his day.
He would often complain that his mental abilities were waning and he was so weak he could not lift a five-pound bag of flour.  Where once this person was a highly intelligent person moving fast on Wall Street, he was now weak and could barely remember what day it was.
Then he moved.
For the next 5 weeks, after moving, he told me he'd never felt so strong and alive as he did after moving to a brand new CLEAN apartment!
Then, after about the sixth week, his symptoms returned:  Mental abilities very low, strength almost non-existent.
Two years later, he moved again.  Once more he was super strong!  His strength not only returned but he was as mentally fit as any time in his life!
Once again, the feelings of normalcy lasted for five weeks; then the symptoms returned.
I screamed at him! "It's those damned cats!  The new places you move into are free of the toxins they emit!  Once you live in the place long enough and they emit enough of the toxin, you begin to feel the affects again!"
Worse still, the toxins began to affect his wife.  She suddenly came down with an illness no one could identify but she began a cycle of hospital visits which made perfect sense to me.
First she'd get deathly sick and lose a LOT of weight!  At one point, this mid-to-large framed woman who might normally weigh around 130 pounds went down to 86 pounds! She looked like one of those dolls with the over-sized heads on small bodies.
They put her into the hospital for treatment and after about a week, her symptoms subsided, and she regained a LOT of weight.  Slowly she climbed back up to and past 100 pounds.  She looked and felt healthier after being in the hospital for several weeks.
Then she'd return home and a week later her symptoms returned and she'd check into the hospital for ANOTHER two week stay where, after a few days, she'd get healthier again!
This cycle repeated itself ENDLESSLY!  She'd come home, get sick, leave home and get well!
I kept telling her:  "You're either allergic to your husband or those damned cats!"
But her doctor did allergy tests and they always came back negative.
That's because the toxin is NOT a direct allergy, it is a TOXIN.  It seeps into your system and contaminates it; it's NOT a direct-allergic reaction (except in my case).
"Oh!  But we LOVE our cats and could NEVER get rid of any of them!" they would tell me in crazy cat woman-like statements.
There was a news article I read once.  A crazy cat-lady had her home raided by the authorities.  As usual, she had dozens and dozens of cats.  Cat droppings and urine was everywhere in her home!
But this article was a bit different than most in that it included an interview with the woman after she'd been in the hospital for a couple of weeks.
She had stopped being a crazy cat-lady and was now very level headed and very intelligent.  She could not understand why or how she'd gotten like that.  It made no sense to her that she could have gotten like that!
But I understood!  As she got used to the dosage of the toxin given off by her X-number of cats, she'd seek another cat to raise the dosage of the addictive substance.
In addition to this, the toxin reduced her mental capacity.  Almost like a meth addict, she craved the substance her cats gave off and slowly sank into a stupor she couldn't fight against.
Once in the clean environment of the hospital and the clean sheets and hospital clothes both my friend's wife and the cat-lady I was reading about regained not only their health but their mental abilities as well.
I begged my friend and his wife to test my theory:  "Go on a trip for a week!  Go somewhere away from the cats.  Take cleaned, freshly washed clothes.  See if, after a week, you don't feel stronger and healthier than ever!"  But the husband, my friend, claimed he could not be away from his loved cats for that long of a time!  His words reminded me of those a drug addict would say; a drug addict who simply could not live without his daily fix.
Over and over I either read of cat-ladies being saved or a personally watched people I knew slowly burying themselves under more and more cats.  When you are surrounded by cats, your mental abilities decrease and you get sick.
Away from the cats and the conditions are reversed.
I once tried to convince another friend the reason they were feeling sick was because of the cats they have in their house, only to be told I was crazy.  Then I asked them how many cats they currently had in the house.  "Well, with the litter that was born last week, I guess I have twelve cats."
TWELVE CATS!!!  HOW DOES THIS NOT RING ALARM BELLS FOR YOU??  She was becoming a cat lady but couldn't understand why being in a house with TWELVE CATS was cause for concern.
These people with excessive cats simply cannot be separated from their cats!  Not willingly and in the case of my friends, I could not force them to be separated.
So I watched my friend's wife would get sick in a week after coming home and then get better after spending one, two, or three weeks in a hospital.
Several times her doctors were certain she was going to die only to be a bit surprised when their treatments began working and she leveled off and then got better.
All the while I'd beggingly tell her:  "It's the cats!  It's those damned cats ..."
Eventually my friend and his wife's marriage suffered, or perhaps she began to recognize the cycle like I had, because she moved out of his house and into someplace with no or fewer cats.
How bad was the cat infestation at his house?  He once told me his A/C unit wasn't working right.  I took off the cover and discovered the filter was covered with so much cat hair I could have knit a sweater!
I went to his house and in opening his cabinet to grab a glass to get a drink of water, discovered his plates so covered with cat hairs, you could drag your finger across the top of the stacked plates and leave a clear trail.
Eventually, after the wife moved out, his daughter stepped in.  His mental abilities had sunk so far that she "kidnapped" him from his home and I never saw him again.
Research said his daughter only had a dog -- no cats! -- So even though I never saw him again, I assumed his natural aspects returned.  But his daughter was of the type who, once she took him away, assumed control over his entire life, so I may never know for sure.
<Sadness over the loss of knowing him.>
Anyway, if you know someone who has more than one cat, or if you, yourself, find you're unable to function without those dozens of cats in your home, please understand you are a drug addict, addicted to a chemical that is not good for you, except this chemical is being emitted by your cats.
And just like those people who become addicted to licking frogs (https://io9.gizmodo.com/how-toad-licking-gets-you-high-and-then-kills-you-1642946043)  you've become addicted to the neurotoxin cats secrete to make their prey complainant enough to walk up to the cat in a stupor, ready to be killed.  Until you recognize this you'll never be able to break free.  
GET RID OF THOSE DAMNED CATS! -- And clean the house from top to bottom of all cat hairs, and then watch as your life returns a saner, healthier level!

I Am Sielow, These are my words.

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Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats raised the human vipers that are attacking them.

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats have a problem that I have discussed in a previous post:  She and the Liberals in her party decided to raise (human) vipers to use against their enemies.
Vipers are very deadly snakes known in the Middle East.  Human vipers are people who have been conditioned to respond to key words, phrases, icons and attack anyone saying those words or using those things.
However, vipers have no loyalty.  They will attack those who created them as easily as they will attack another target.
The Liberal Elites decided it would be a good idea to raise vipers to use against their enemies just as Yasser Arafat did (https://iamsielow.tumblr.com/post/187488046527/yasser-arafat-raised-human-vipers-and-they-killed).
They created their vipers to respond to a large list of trigger words, such as: Global Warming, Stem Cells, Restricting Women, Abortion, Gay and Lesbians, Climate Change, etc.  There's a WHOLE category dealing with American blacks that have trigger words indicating everyone from God on down hates blacks.  Trigger words designed to keep blacks ignorant of who is REALLY killing blacks.  (But that's a whole 'nother post.)
Indeed, among the several traits of the human vipers the Democrat created are the lack of math skills, the inability to do any on-line dissenting research and, oddly, an inability to enter a REAL Christian church during services.

Trained to attack, attack, attack, they don't realized the triggers they had been trained to respond to were simply what the DNC used to make the vipers attack whoever the DNC wanted eliminated.

But as Yasser found out (previous post), raising vipers becomes damning.

The Democrat leadership is discovering raising vipers is damning.

Nancy Pelosi (and others) have learned raising vipers is damning.

For example, when the squad of four wanted something and Nancy refused, the vipers decided she did so because she was a racist.  Oddly enough, Donald Trump leapt to her defense and said she was not a racist.

Days later when they attacked Donald Trump and called him a racist, Nancy remained quiet.  I guess she was afraid of having the vipers attack her again.

Or perhaps it's been so long since she owned a soul; she doesn't have the instinct people with a soul DO have.  I'm sure they will work that out when she reaches Judgment.

Anyway, the group of four, and MILLIONS of DNC bred and raised vipers are now swarming around in pits all over the country.  Reacting to the code words they have been programmed to respond to and making bizarre demands.

The problem is Nancy and the other leaders need to be centered to convince non-viper voters to vote for them, but the moment they do, the vipers they have raised begin eyeing them as the enemy.

These raised vipers have only one response to a nearby enemy:  Strike!  Strike!  Strike!  Strike!  Strike!  Strike!

Same party, different party, it doesn't matter!


What to do?  What to do?

History has shown you cannot simply hope the vipers will realize their designed function is false and is no longer wanted.  Try that and every viper pit will empty and strike at those who raised them just as Yasser's vipers did to him.

No.  Sadly, if Nancy and the Democrat Elites want to survive this period of time so they can live comfortably for the rest of their lives, they must do the unthinkable:  They must PERSONALLY destroy every viper and every pit.  Pour gasoline in every viper pit, chop the heads off every snake and completely wipe out every pit and every viper they helped to create.

Yasser failed to do this and he had more power than Nancy and her boys and his vipers killed him.  Every time a ruler has tried to ignore the vipers it created, the viper turns on the ruler and kills them dead.

Remember:  These specially trained creatures only exist to attack and to kill.  You cannot reason with them (against their pre-programmed instructions).  You cannot bribe them (against their pre-programmed instructions).  The only thing you can do is KILL them before they kill you.

So if Nancy, the other Liberal Leaders and the Democrat Elites want to enjoy their ending times in good health and without looking over their shoulders for the rest of their lives, they need to squash the vipers NOW!  Every time a viper looks up or speaks up, they need to KILL IT.  IMMEDIATELY!

If the vipers say, "Climate Change is killing us." The Democrat leadership needs to immediately say, "New research shows climate change is caused by the sun.  So you are wrong."

If they say, "Cops are killing blacks." Nancy needs to shout out, "NO!  Blacks kill more blacks than cops do and WE, you and I, need to recognize that and start the cure in the communities."

If they say, "Trump is a racist." Nancy needs to swallow deeply and say, "No.  Trump is just an opponent.  Before and since he became president, he has helped blacks so much that he's gotten awards for doing so."

And if they say, "Every white person is a nationalist." They, the DNC leadership, needs to say, "White people invented the radio, television, computers, the operating system you are using, phones, the internet, zippers, blue jeans, air conditioning and almost every other thing you have on you or are using RIGHT NOW.  So whatever else may have happened, white people created a LOT of things you are now using.  So unless you want to stop using cars, computers, lights and cell phones, then you need to accept the advances white people have given the world."

Because the longer Nancy Pelosi and other leaders allow these vipers to exist unrestrained, the sooner the human vipers will decided that not only should they get rid of their flawed leaders, but, like with Arafat, the flawed leaders have funds and resources the human vipers could use better than the old people can.  Soon the human vipers will pass laws which will strip Nancy and the other older Democrats of all the funds, homes, and assets they possess -- you know, just to make it fair -- and these elites will live in the hell they created for everyone else.

You'd better hurry, though.  The vipers are starting to gather around Nancy and nipping at her heels and Trump will only be able to defend her for so long before they get through.

I Am Sielow, These are my words.
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Yasser Arafat Raised Human Vipers and They Killed Him

Once upon a time, not too long ago, there lived a very bad man named Yasser Arafat.  Yasser was a bad man because he killed people and had people killed.  He helped to created an organization called the PLO, the Palestine Liberation Organization.  The PLO would hijack airplanes, kill people, blow up occupied buildings and kidnapped people.

Mostly they attacked Jews and people from Israel, killing as many as they could.  They seemed to love to get on airplanes and hijack them, killing some of the travelers before being allowed to escape.

Soon Israel started profiling air travelers and whenever a hijacker popped up to take over a plane, security people would pop up and put a bullet between their eyes, ending the hijack.
Yasser realized he needed people to replace those who were dying in the events he was sending them to, so he started raising human vipers.

Vipers are very dangerous, very deadly snakes known in the Middle East, where Yasser lived.  People would raise vipers to attack their enemies.  Since reptiles have no loyalty, they would just as well attack those who raised them if given a chance.

Vipers WILL kill those who raise them when given a chance to do so.

But Yasser needed future killers, so he began to raise the human vipers.

Then several things happened:  More and more hijackers were identified and quickly killed and Yasser grew old.  Once her grew old he began talking to Israel and the Jews about peace instead of shooting them.  Because of this, he was soon declared to be an Elder Statesman instead of a murderer.  He openly spoke to the Jews about achieving peaceful co-existence.

All of these actions this went against the rules the human vipers were raised under.  They were raised to attack, attack, attack!  Anyone doing business with the Jews was a bad person and had to be taken out -- Including former masters who now considered Elder Statesman.

So the vipers Arafat raised turned on him and attacked him and eventually … Eventually the vipers he created killed him.

Designed to attack and kill, they carried out their programming without thought.

Sadly, these situations happen quite often in human history.  In fact, it is happening in the USA in 2019.

You will need to understand this to understand the next post.
I Am Sielow, These are my words.
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The Problem with Describing the Universe

The problem with describing the Universe is there is so much of it that needs to be compressed down to the understanding of a general human (no offense) and to be digested within the life span of a normal human being.

After my wanderings of two years, my understanding of All Things expanded to such a point that if I were on a mound discussing the Universe, I could capture your attention for hours – I know this from the sermons I’ve given in the past – but for written works, it needs to be smaller and straight to the point.

<Sigh> Okay.  Recently I tried to join together the actions of a bad guy with those of current politicians.  A supporter suggested I tried to force feed people a little too much in a place for shorter things.

Yes.  I agree.  So let’s see if I can do this better.

… Stand by …

P.S.  The Entire Universe is a wondrous thing.  If we only had enough time for me to tell you of it all.  <Smile>

I Am Sielow, These are my words.
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Nancy Pelosi and the Democr...

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The Jinx of the Red Shirt

I have come to realize and have verified my mom is a jinx.
I have (am) programmed(ing) myself to never discuss the things in my life with her ever again. Every time I do, it ALWAYS goes belly up.
She is not unique. There are three shirts in my closet that are the same way. They are all red. Red shirts produce bad luck in my life.
It's my fault really. I was on a softball team with red shirts. The manager said we could be whatever number we wanted. I asked if it had to be a real number. In a huff, he said we could have whatever number we wanted.
I chose "The Square Root of Negative 1."
No. Really.
I had the local shirt makers make it for me using some straight lines. Worked perfectly. Just in case, I had "71i" printed on the inside of the shirt (for obvious reasons).
Whenever we'd play other teams, all the engineers and scientists on the other teams crowed and desired my shirt like mad! ("I need to get me one of those shirts!") Everyone else was just confused.
Well, a side effect of this was it caused my spirits a HUGE amount of emotional distress.
After years and years of effort, I finally got them to accept the number Zero: 
Me: "If I have five apples in my hand and I take away all five apples, how many apples do I have in my hands?"
Spirits: No apples exist for to be associated with the hand.
Me: Right, we call that zero apples.
Spirits: Noooo. There are no apples that exist for the hand. It is not "zero" there is simply a not existence of apples for the hand. The hand has not apples in existence for the hand.
It was during these discussions I learned the programming concept of "Null" which is different than the programming concept of "Zero."
Nonetheless, after years and years they finally understood that if it was possible for apples to exist for the hand, then it was possible that the number of apples for the hand would be zero.
(After that came a lessor struggle to explain negative numbers, but that a smaller story.)
Then I got "the Square Root of Negative One" as a number on my RED baseball jersey and they simply had a cow.
Spirits: "Nothing that cannot exist, cannot exist."
Spirits: "Nothing that cannot exist, cannot exist."
Spirits: "Nothing that cannot exist, cannot exist."
Spirits: "Nothing that cannot exist, cannot exist."
Spirits: "Nothing that cannot exist, cannot exist."
Spirits: "Nothing that cannot exist, cannot exist."
Because of this, whenever I wore a red shirt, they would go nuts and my normal good-ish luck existence would go south just because they were forced to remember the baseball shirt with the "number" "the Square Root of Negative One" on it.
Spirits: "Nothing that cannot exist, cannot exist."
Spirits: "Nothing that cannot exist, cannot exist."
Spirits: "Nothing that cannot exist, cannot exist."
Spirits: "Nothing that cannot exist, cannot exist."
... So now I no longer can wear red shirts -- very bad luck occurs when I do.
I Am Sielow, These are my words.
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There has been no disaster. -- 08-24-19

I have a Scribe: A chosen man who documents some of my words.
Like all of my closer friends, companions and associates he is a Person of Talent.  For the layperson, this means he is psychic, homo-psi.  He has shown a broad range of Talents, including Clairvoyancy: the ability to see the future.  From what he's told me, a couple of nights ago he woke up from a horrible nightmare of unending blood and the screams of people dying.  He told me in general, his dreams of future events happened within 3 days.  Those three days have passed and I will let him tell you the rest himself.
This is HIS story, these are his words:
My Scribe:
Well, I don't know whether to be relieved or disappointed.
Last Monday morning I had a dream involving a lot of blood and people screaming in horror.  It was so bad I woke my mom and had her confirm my brother was okay.
When I have prophecy dreams, they usually occur in three days.  Well, Friday came and went and I have seen no reports on a massive number of people being killed.
As I noted in the previous post, I don't have nightmares.  I've managed to block and prevent the people who bring the dreams from giving me things which cause me to wake up screaming in terror.  But I guess they found a chink in my armor.  Since that dream, I have established a block against such things affecting me in the future.
To be perfectly honest, given a past event and current circumstances, I feared for Hong Kong and its citizens.  Some old, stupid generals in China tend to deal with dissent with a sledge hammer rather than diplomacy; they would rather teach lessons by killing hundreds of students, even in the days of instant, world wide videos.
But, thankfully, nothing has happened (yet).
So while I am grateful nothing has happened -- and I'll assume it was just a nightmare -- a part of me worries that the event is simply something that will be occurring outside the 3-day range.
But common sense says you cannot AND SHOULD NOT spend your time constantly worrying about a possible future phantom abomination.  Life goes on and we should live it.  Nightmares fade with the rising sun and we need to rise with the daylight, forgetting the horrors delivered in the dark.
I apologize for the worries.  I guess you had to have been there.
I am Sielow's Scribe, These are my words.
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The Walls Were Running in Blood. -- 08-19-19
I have a Scribe: A chosen man who documents some of my words.
Like all of my closer friends, companions and associates he is a Person of Talent.  For the layperson, this means he is psychic, homo-psi.  In fact, he has a broad range of Talents, including Clairvoyancy: the ability to see the future.  From what he's told me, a couple of nights ago he woke up screaming and crying.  This is HIS story, these are his words:
My Scribe:
A few nights ago something happened that has me deeply concerned.  As a Scorpio, I keep a tight control over my thoughts and even my dreams.  I can and occasionally do Lucid Dreaming, which is where you consciously direct what happens in your dreams.

For example, if your dreams keep replaying when your girlfriend broke up with you, you force the dream to be you relaxing on a sunny beach in Tahiti instead.

In addition to this, in general, in my dreams I am purer than I am when awake.  Dream Folk will tempt me with sex, corruption, temptations, power and all manner of things, but in general I observe the offerings but do not succumb to them.

Because of this, I do not have nightmares.  Honestly, before the morning a few days ago the last nightmare I had was being unable to convert a third dimensional array into a seventh dimensional array.  Honestly, there's a process for doing this and I simply could not remember the steps in doing so.  That dream left me stressed for most of the morning.

Last night was different.

Suddenly, around 1:20a ET, my dream EXPLODED!  I was in a small room and blood was EVERYWHERE!  It was FLOWING down the walls!  Everywhere I turned, the walls were throwing up blood!  The seams between the boards had rivers and rivers of blood flowing down them like ... like shoving a leaky rowboat into a lake.

It didn't just leak; it didn't just flow a little and stop:  IT BLED constantly and heavily!

So heavy in fact that it didn't pool at the floor but kept flowing until it reached a drain in the center of the floor where flowed into like a bathtub draining water.

The places on the walls that didn't have blood flowing from them, the areas at head height and above, it looked like wherever the blood was coming from, the people it had come from had just exploded.  The blood splatter over the flowing parts looked like it looks when you stick a hand grenade in someone and just watch it explode.

Then there were the screams!

In the back ground, not just a single person, but a HUGE group of voices screaming in the horror that was engulfing them!  Not just a single scream, but a chorus of screams.  Not even any begging for it to end, just continuous screams like dead men and women discovering they had just died in some horrendous fashion!

Through all the screaming a voice yelled out to me:  "Call your mom!  Have her call your brother and make sure he's okay!  YOU NEED TO WAKE UP!  Call your mom!  Have her call your brother and make sure he's okay!  WAKE UP!  HURRY!  Call your mom!!"

So I woke up screaming the screams from my dream.  And then the tears started.  I am NOT a crying person, but I couldn't stop the tears.  "Oh my god," I sobbed.  "ALL THOSE PEOPLE!"
I couldn't stop crying for all the lives that were lost.  I don't even know who or where, but I couldn't stop crying for them.

I have no idea WHO those people were or where or anything.  I just know the deaths will be staggering and the blood will be everywhere.

God Help Us All.
If you need a reference and can understand this, it was the same reaction felt when the USS Intrepid (NCC-1631) was destroyed with all hands aboard.  Or when Alderaan was obliterated in "A New Hope."  Those who understand this will understand what I was feeling.

This is not the first time this has happened.  A couple of years after the planes brought down the New York towers on 9-11 I was headed home from a late work shift on Christmas Eve.  Looking up into the sky I saw a skull staring down at me.  I knew this meant something REALLY bad was about to happen and I contacted a psychic friend of mine and told her some HUGE disaster was about to happen.

18 hours later, 275,000 people lost their lives when the Indian Ocean tsunami hit dozens of countries.

I'm not sure where or when -- and I honestly hate that! -- but I do know that when this new event happens the entire world will gasp.

My range on these dreams is about 3 days.  If by Friday, nothing happens, I'll just figure the dream folk discovered a chink in my armor and I'll put up barriers to prevent them from breaching it like this in the future. 

But, My God!  If this is a prophecy, then it is a damning one.

One more thing I want you to know and realize.  Whatever this event may be, time will go on.  While general events occur in a three day time frame, personal visions of me in the future take place endless years ahead.  I've seen myself in jobs, and in places I have no knowledge of until I reach them.  This has happened my entire life.

But what I want you to know is that when this event happens, time WILL continue to move forward.  For all the death and destruction that is about to befall humanity, time does continue forward, the pain will fade.

However, I believe that whatever this dream might be predicting has now been locked into place; me telling you of what I saw will not prevent it.

And, God help me, I am apologize that this is so.
God Help Us All.
I am Sielow's Scribe, These are my words.
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The dog has been a treat for the last couple of days.

The dog has been a treat for the last couple of days.  Not sure where to start, let's start from yesterday:

I had finally begun some serious training to get the dog to play "Fetch."  You throw the ball; dog brings back the ball, repeat until you can't stand it any longer.

The biggest issue is, having been raised by cats, she tends to believe that anything she has, finds, or chases after is HERS!  PERIOD!  No more!  You threw away a perfectly good ball, I ran after it and it is now mine.

To combat this, I've been paying her to return the ball.  There's a snack she goes ape for: really, chewy beefy strips.  I cut the strips into small slivers about one inch long and a half inch wide.  It is the perfect currency for paying her to return a thrown ball.

Playing fetch:  First things first.  With the strip firmly inside my closed hand, I have her sniff my fist too confirm I have her payment ready.  Then I throw the ball.  She brings it back, drops it at my feet and gets paid.

Rinse and repeat.

Yesterday the process ran five of the six strips I had for her.  After the fifth one she got into her "it's mine!" mood and laughed at me when I tried to get her to bring me the ball for the final, sixth payment.

When she's in this mood, you cannot approach her because she assumes you want her ball and she's not gonna give it up.  You get within a couple of steps and, with tail wagging, she's off like a shot with the ball in her mouth.  Once a comfortable distance away, she's rolling in the grass, ball firmly in her mouth, tail wagging big time, knowing she's got something everyone wants but only she controls.


LOL.  Literally.

My storage place for the strips during fetch is the front pocket of the gym shorts I wear on my summer day's excursions with her.  When she sees me put these on at home she knows I'm going somewhere and she hopes she coming too.    Even if she gets left behind, it means she gets to spend time outside in a yard that, for her, is the size of a football field (dog to human ration about 8 to 1).

Anyway, yesterday, on the sixth and final throw, she decided she'd rather keep the ball than come for payment.

That's fine.  Game over.

So this morning I get up and the dog is seriously licking and nosing my shorts.  I wear these shorts everywhere and I'm trying to figure out why she's so interested in them.  After a while she's happy and wandering off.  At best she has licked my shorts clean; I wear them while eating, maybe she was taking out the crumbs.  Her licking the shorts that much may indicate it's time to do some washing.  At worst she chewed up the shorts and they are now holey and I'll have to get new ones.

Later, as I'm preparing for today's trip to the park, I'm thinking I still have one strip left and it suddenly strikes me as to why the dog was interested in my shorts this morning!

She has an EXCELLENT nose.  She smelled the remaining strip and figured out how to reach into the pocket and get the last strip form yesterday.

Sure enough, all that's left of the last strip is the soggy paper towel it was wrapped in.

Shift to the trip to the park later that day.  After the first throw and return she's suddenly playing keep away.  She will not bring the ball to me no matter what and she's happy about it, tail wagging and laughing in my face, rolling the grass just out of reach with HER ball!

Curious, I link into her and suddenly discover what's happening.  See, she's seen me reaching into the pocket of the shorts for the next chew snack in our fetch sessions.  This morning she confirmed WHERE the snacks come from: the pocket of the shorts.  Suddenly I'm persona non grata.  She don't need to do this "pay off" crap no more because she's discovered the source of the strips!  When she gets home, she's going straight for the source as soon as I am out of the shorts!  She don't have to do this "fetch" crap no mo'!

So at the park she's got the ball, she knows where the strips comes from and later she's gonna get all the strips I was going to force her to earn.  Yeah, the fetching crap is done.  She spends the entire time at the park laughing at me, playing with her ball, TOTALLY in control of EVERYTHING!

We get home, I toss the shorts and sure enough she casually wanders over when she thinks I'm not looking and begins sniffing.

BUT WAIT!  There's … There's no snacks!  The source is empty!  There are NO chew strips in the shorts.

Turns out as soon as master got home, he pulled the strips and stored them for a future trip to the park.


She blew the whole park trip assuming she's figured out how to get the paycheck without all the work.  (She's a lot like her master at times.)  Now she's got nothing, chew strip-wise.

Me?  Now I'm the one smiling, rolling on the floor, my tail wagging.  Master has proven why he's the Master and she's the Dog.  Dog thought she'd figured out life, Master taught her life more complex than she thought.

It will be interesting to see if she completes the full fetch session on the next trip to the park.


My name is Sielow and these are my words.

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China has a HUGE problem … And Trump will ultimately win.

China has a HUGE problem. Actually China has about FIVE HUGE problems and because of this Trump will, ultimately, win in his actions against them.

First China is a corrupt place.  Like MANY Communist countries, China cannot exist without lying; lying to itself, lying to other countries, lying to its citizens.  While I admit many countries have leaders who lie to their subjects, they usually do so for power.  China lies to its people not only for power but to survive, to continue to exist.

The harshness of China's history, the mandatory lies created by a Communist system and its endless sea of citizens leads to the complications causing it problems in today's world.

For today's post, let's concentrate on the HUGE problem China has when it comes to farming.
China has no qualms about executing farmers who do not meet their quotas.  China also has no qualms about executing regional farming directors whose farmers miss their quotas.  Due to this unique process of encouraging job productivity, the farmer lies about his expected crop yield.  The regional directors collect these estimates and happily report to their superiors that all is well and the expected crop yields will be whatever the country's leadership demands it to be.  They know the data is probably false, but reporting the values demanded keeps them alive for another day.

 In the past, at whatever administrator level the Truth was finally admitted to, that person's boss might have the person admitting the Truth executed and every bureaucrat and farmer under him executed as a lesson to all farmers what happens if you fail to meet expected quotas.  Once executed, another farmer and another bureaucrat from the endless supply of both would chosen to replace those who were "forced into retirement" and all would be well until the next harvesting season started.

It is, in the end, Communism working as intended.

This history of quickly solving any production problems with a bullet to the head works its way up the chain of command until you reach the people who have options available to avoid the quick "employee adjustment" option which makes their wives widows.  The simple answer is they purchase American grain to make up any shortfall in the expected yields of the farmers and administrators below them.

In other words, they use American grain, sometimes purchased on the black market, to "balance the books." 

This process has been going on so long it has become second nature.  The farmers inflate the expected yield to government demanded levels. Their regional directors make sure all reported values come within expected goals.  Up the ladder the figures travel until the national directors factor in the expected crop yields into their urban planning.

The actual farming yields then come in well below needs, the regional directors nervously report the short fall up the chain to equally nervous supervisors until it eventually reaches the people who have wider options.  These people have additional discretionary spending options.  These options include purchasing the nice, clean, abundant, INEXPENSIVE USA grain to feed the hungry nation.

The Chinese citizens get fed, the centralized government doesn't ask questions, and the various farmers and quota counters survive another year.

This process makes the current world events very complicated for the Chinese leadership.  They look at the falsified data and assume that American grain is merely a small additive to the country's food supply; that if needed, the country can easily survive without it.  A false conclusion built upon a process that originated as a defense in China's lack of respect for human life.

So when Donald Trump comes along and doesn't put up with China's endless game of saying one thing and doing another, the Chinese leadership begins trenching in to do battle with Trump, assuming that any missing USA grain will simply be a small distraction to the action.

It's not.

It's a HUGE issue.

It's an issue which China will shortly discover will condemn its people to what is called the "North Korean Banquet."  The North Korean Banquet mainly consists in mixing in a LOT of soil into your meals to make up for the lack of real food.

But China has another (of several) issue(s)!  If you have followed my advice and watched some of the YouTube videos produced by "China Uncensored" you would have seen the video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=arNiV5_W5Ck) in which the channel interviews Chinese citizens vacationing in Hong Kong (more on that in a minute).

While the subject of the video is important, you should have realized something else while watching it: Hong Kong, due to its freedoms and available western goods, is considered a vacation goal for mainland Chinese based workers.  Watching this video, notice that all the people being interviewed basically look like office workers who came to Hong Kong like an American citizen might plan a vacation to Michigan.  They wear comfortable, causal clothing, have dorky hair cuts, and wear fashionable glasses. They are relaxed, well fed and have money to spend -- spend in Hong Kong.

In the 1950's, 1960's and even the 1970's, China had an abundance of farmers and laborers it could draw upon to throw into any conflict it engaged in.  Vietnam?  Korea? Just grab a few hundred thousand ignorant farmers from their fields, shove a rifle into their hands, point them at the American outpost you want overwhelmed and warn them not to slip in the blood of their fellow farmers as they rush the American positions.

Now, however, you lack as many of those ignorant farmers that China once had.  Instead you have a sizable number of accountants, bookkeepers, school teachers, computer support specialist and other infrastructure people vacationing in Hong Kong.

Just like American citizens vacationing in Georgia.

Today's Chinese citizens understand guns and killing in concept but in their entire lives they have never actually killed anything to eat it.  Just like in America, hamburger comes from the grocery store, not your neighbor's cow.  Shove a gun in their hands and order them to storm an outpost?  "Surely there's a less violent solution, right?  I have to have the Wang report on my boss's desk by Friday."

In short, a LOT of Chinese are actually enjoying their lives.  The concept of simply throwing those lives away is something they will actively avoid. Oh, on command they will still shout "China! China! We the Best! We can take on the West!" but in real life they are mainly worried about producing reports on next month's Chu Widget production.

In addition to this, it has been known for some time that during the May Day parades, as the Communist countries proudly march their military might down the main street of the capital cities, some of the missiles on display are made of cardboard, some of the rifles being carried are held together with duct tape.  Faked constructs created to hide the failings of missile production and true military status of the country.  Just like in Iraq and North Korea, if anyone knew how badly the Chinese missile and weapons program were being handled the country might fear organized attacks led by Falun Gong mother-in-laws.

Then there's Hong Kong (I told you I'd get here).  Because of all the structured lies in the Communist system, the government of China is proceeding with its planned absorption of Hong Kong fully into the Communist controlled, Chinese bureaucratic structure.  The Hong Kong people, having grown accustom to their freedoms AND having more access to more diverse information than the average Chinese citizen, understand what this means.  The funny thing is it's not just the loss of freedoms they object to, but the endless levels of corruption of the Chinese system that disturbs many of the Hong Kong citizens. The Chinese triggering event for the recent actions, the arrest of a Hong Kong citizen for deportation into the Chinese "justice" system, sent chills through any person who has seen the Richard Gere movie " Red Corner*" more than once.

*If you haven't seen the 1997 movie, it details the level of corruption and lack of TRUE due process that exists in the Chinese court system; a system where you are guilty until you can be tortured until admitting to being guilty, no matter what your true status once was.

In any case, the Chinese government, due to the corrupt status of its nature, has over estimated the ease in which Hong Kong would join the greater Chinese governing system.

Then there is the Chinese gender problem (which will be detailed in a future post) which only adds to the continuing Chinese Taiwan problem.

In short, the Chinese Government is currently built on sand.  This means their underlying base has been weakened by endless years of solving problems with a bullet to anyone stupid enough to Truthfully report the dangers in the aspects of the Chinese infrastructure.  They built their government on a system where lying for effect means surviving another day.

China is also still controlled by aging generals who lack a clear understanding of what today's society is like and an understanding of the actual love of life the current citizens have.  They have elder members of the ruling party who actually think that sacrificing a few million citizens will not affect those who remain to fill in for the ones who were eliminated.

They do not understand that while one farmer can replace another (no offense), no one understands the Wang Reports like the person who was just forced to join the military.  Because of this, China will soon have some serious Wang issues.

These false beliefs in the sturdy nature of the Chinese government are contributing heavily to China's HUGE problem.  With the American President, Donald Trump, actually holding China accountable to the corruption other USA presidents have looked away from, when his push comes to Chinese shove, the Chinese system will soon buckle and collapse like a ... Well, like attempting to launch a cardboard missile.

Eventually, the Chinese leadership will begin to see the citizens growing even more restless than they already have.  They will discover that in the current age, the availability of an endless supply of short lived and short-life farmers that can be converted into soldiers has been drastically changed into happy people expecting long, happy lives.

Even among the farmers!

No Communist system can survive long when trying to govern happy people.  Not even China's.

There is more to this. As we move forward I will document this further and explore other insights I have gained in my exploration of this world.

I Am Sielow, These are my words.
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The Solution to Violence In America Is EXTREMELY Simple!

Cut right to the chase:  To solve the problem with violence in America all you have to do is REQUIRE every single American to be armed.

No, I am not kidding.

If you were required to have a weapon to obtain a driver’s license, what would happen at EVERY single traffic stop.  The cop would pull you over, while behind his door, he’d order you to open your door and place your weapon on the ground next to the car.  Then he’d order you and any passengers to exit the vehicle with your hands raised.  Asking if you had any other weapons, once cleared he’d approach and process your citation.

No longer would any cop WONDER if you were armed, he’d KNOW you were armed.

Anyone pulling a weapon in public for any reason other than display or discussion or review would be met with a dozen others reaching for their weapons.  “Put your weapon back in your holster and we will as well.”

Just as you have to pass a driving test to get your license, the tests would be enlarged to include a gun safety and usage review portion.  Fail your driving test, no license.  Fail your gun test, no license.

Restrictions on drivers license would include weapons specific aspects:  B) Wears glasses.  R) Has been known to pull out weapon at random.

Certifications and endorsements would also be noted:  TL2: Two Year Professional Trucking License endorsement.  BS: Bump Stock endorsement.

Kids would get learner permits:  Cannot operate a vehicle without a parent, cannot travel with a weapon without a parent.

Lose your driving privileges, lose your weapons privileges .  Lose your weapons privileges lose your driving privileges.

Driving drunk or under the influence would have the same result of pulling a weapon without cause or while under the influence.  Bartenders would now say: “Hey, buddy.  Give me your car keys AND your weapon.  You are too drunk to use either.  I’ll call you a cab and you can pick these up tomorrow.”

Insurance companies would not only cover your driving, your car and events happening to others, but also any accidental discharges of your weapon.

Kill someone on purpose by car or gun results in murder charges.

No longer would anyone encountering anyone else do so with the expectation of safety.  All crazy acting people would be assumed to be armed and the appropriate responses be enacted:  “Sir!  You are mumbling to yourself in the theater, I will assume you are armed and a danger to everyone.  Please stand up and slowly exit the theater.”  All the other citizens rise with the disturbed individual with their hands on their weapons, just in case.  Anyone drawing prematurely would also be asked to leave.

Liberals, who normally support suicide options, would be glad to know all a suicidal person would need to do is pull their weapon in a crowded location and the person would go down in a hail of gun fire.


No one would assume the other person cannot defend themselves and no crowd of people would be unable to.

I Am Sielow, these are my words.

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