Psychic Focus on Self Ignition Problems - EV Problems
Q. On another topic, is there a simple and hands-on solution to the self-ignition problem of electric automobiles? Could you eventually do a reading on this subject and if possible tell us the solution?  Last year a complete car carrier ship sunk in the Atlantic ocean next to the Açores Islands because of this problem (This case involved cars from VW but other car assemblers also do face this problem).... 
Thank you! 

PS: In this video there are images from a CCTV on a skyscraper garage and one can see the fire starting in an EV at about 1:00 minute.  Half a minute later the car catches fire and explodes
I´m sure Twitter owner Elon Musk would be eager to know more about this problem too even more if there´s an easy way to prevent it. Thanks!

A.  When I focus on this I get it has to do with the tracking features tied to the vehicles.  There is a computer chip that is ALWAYS extracting data, and during certain situations it malfunctions and overheats.  There is a CONSTANT data exchange on speed, location, time, etc.If there is any defect in the construct or it's solder spots it will be magnified and create an exothermic reaction.  This chip looks to be closely situated by the battery compartment, so a spark easily shorts them out creating a mini explosion.
They need to either eliminate this chip (which I doubt), move the location of the chip away from the batteries or increase quality control.  Make sure things are in line and all solder is spot on.  It really does relate to cheaper or subpar labor (and their need for data extraction).
And that is all I have on this topic.  Thank you.  Love and light, Lynn