The internet has got out of hand. There are people sharing opinions, news, educational and self-help material, creative works, providing solutions, advice, ideas and so many other things. There is a growing awareness that this is starting to upset certain people, and we all know deep down that our leaders know better than we do. Government is obviously the answer to all our woes. We don't need any evidence of this- it's just Common Sense.

For millennia, man has dreamed of living in a utopia where everyone knows their place in the world. No-one needs to live their lives questioning their value to society. We're all equal and don't need to lift a finger to prove it. It's just self evident. Other People are to blame for our woes.

The time for that utopia is now. How do we know that? Because it says it in the newspapers and on TV. Politicians and multinational corporations are saying it. The time is ripe for a Peoples Suppression Revolution.

Gone are the days when we need to expend the terrible effort it takes to think for ourselves. Everything we need is provided for us by the established order.

Please will you help us in our fight to end Free Speech?