February 2019 01 Update - Ammo Pickup

Hey Everyone, Been busy the past few weeks, At least I can show you guys something now. So our programmer figuring out to make a chest box style inventory system similar to Resident evil 2 (2019) or Resident evil 4. So I already designed and made a 3D model for the health 'potion (health item), The Energy vial/ potion. We needed an ammo pick up so the idea since our setting was in the future so I decided to make a battery for the weapons.

There's the first design, the inspiration was looking at what I read and heard was diamond batteries and I do love phone or laptop batteries.

There's an early 3D build model for the storage for the ammo pickup but was not happy with the look.

While working on the battery and the storage container for it, I realized I needed to make the battery to look like a weapon magazine. Hence I needed to make it more streamlined.

I am relatively happy with the design on the ammo pickup where it looks like a battery and a weapon magazine. As per usual, the design may change in the future but I do like the crystal/diamond visible in the battery and I like the labels similar to laptop or phone batteries. Honestly speaking, finding references and ideas for a sci-fi magazine is hard as most are bullets or the power source or battery not usually visible.

The new design for the ammo pickup storage container. Still needs some work but for a starter, I think it will look and do it's job for now. I have done some more item designs as well some UI design but I am going to space that out over the coming weeks.