Why should podcasters and youtubers have all the fun?  Vivid Publishing is founding a program that sponsors…

Everyone say hello to the talented traditional artist, https://twitter.com/MURAZAKI9  

Insider-level backers voted on what she would be creating: fresh new art of Vi!
In addition to a Vivid commission, sponsored artists are granted access to the Dealer System, where they can earn revenue when people use their coupon code.   
So if you’d like to send Murazaki something for the tip jar, visit our store, pick out some high-quality merchandise, and remember to use the code “MURAZAKI” at checkout and save 5%.   

(Note- normally available only at conventions, we just added the poster ‘Cast in Shadow’ to the Vivid store: https://vivid-publishing.mybigcommerce.com/poster-cast-in-shadow/ )

As Vivid has more titles to offer, we look forward to sponsoring more artists. We'll be sure to show off Murazaki's new Vi art when it's ready!   

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