January 2019 Update Progress 03 3rd week in and last week and a little bit of this week's progress where I sculpted one of our local patrons who put in 5K, which helped us during our development.

This is what one of our local patron looks like. Still need a bit of sculpting left and clean up but I am happy with the result, I kinda like a bit of a stylized look similar to overwatch. I just love the style for overwatch character. Just so professional looking.

First one was the base mesh and unfortunately, not a good one but I learnt something new in zbrush to help define the ears, eyes, nose and mouth. So made those changes with the base mesh and sculpted. I am not that great as I need a good warm up to get into the rhythm of sculpting. My first attempt was four hours and not that great. I might show it so people understand that got to do several tries before getting it right.

After 4-8 hour sculpting, first 4 hours down the drain as that's my warm up sculpt as I don't get things real the first time round. Zbrush has helped a lot in this progress though. Using dynamesh, zremesher and topology brush just makes my life a lot of easier and stress free. Still not 100% usable in game but we can use Maya and use quaddraw to reduce the poly count.

Quad draw the eyebrows and made the glasses as our patron wears glasses. He may not look like this in the final game as we might add different hairstyle, facial hair, scars or other accessories like futuristic glasses. But most importantly, I want to make sure the the character looks like our patron before we add other features. At the very least, we have a good base to fall back on, if we go overboard on adding too many features.

One last note for this week, I think I should say that if some patrons want their OC (Original Character) instead of themselves in our game, I think that seems reasonable request. Only thing is that the character got to be in a sci-fi setting unless we can fit in a fantasy character as a cosplayer or something that could fit into our game world. There will probably be a limit on how many people/patrons can get themselves or their OC in our game as will take time to put them in our game. Always open to suggestions.