This document is a love letter to all the people who love playing The World's Most Popular Role-Playing Game, and all other forms of pen and paper Role Playing Games. I know I probably don't agree with the reader 100%, but let's just enjoy this hobby for what it is. Enjoy a drink, and continue, Dear Reader. For those of you who understand what I just typed, I think everyone should read, “The Eyes of the Dragon,” by Stephen King, to a younger relative, or friend. Such a good tale should be shared, if for nothing else, to provide the charcoal to light the fires of imagination, of their adulthood.
This is a document I am using as brain poop, some of it is pillaged from game systems I've played with before. Some concepts are mine. Game rules are not covered under threat of copyright, as of 2019, to the best of my knowledge. The OSR is such an example, and thank whomever you like for that, as it lets some people professionally pursue their dreams of earning money on their own creations, as long as credit is given to things like the OGL.
Not everyone may agree with the wording within this document. Enjoy the First Amendment.