Greetings and power to you my future fans!

Many know me through my written words as the Black Knight. No, not that Batman guy, though we might think alike and share a lot, he is far too famous and rich. At least for now, he is. I am an indie author who writes science fiction and have recently self-published my first book titled Starshatter. It is a classic space opera, set in an alternative history universe heavily inspired by 80's fiction. The good ol' days, when we dreamt of becoming astronauts while devouring countless hours of sci-fi animated shows, movies and comics. Ah, the feels! No worries my fellow nostalgia warriors for I have you covered. My primary goal by setting up this page is to allow those of you who exhibit a desire to aid my work. Everybody knows that indie authors, be it game developers, artists, and writers are not rolling in cash. As much as we want to, swimming in pools filled with gold is kind of unrealistic. Not to mention one could suffer serious injuries. We love to create for you guys because we are in love with the act of creation. Our utmost devotion to each page, drawing, or the game we've spent years developing is validated by you our patrons. For me to be able to freely devote all of my time to writing my books alone, as most indie content creators know, as all of you know - one needs to cover at least the basic monthly necessities. That is what the purpose of me creating this account primarily is. I am working feverishly to self-publish my third book before the end of this year. Worry not, I do have a Master Plan. Conceived in utmost secrecy, the Plan took me ten years worth of mind-warping effort to fulfill. By pledging your generous support to me I will be able to finish all ten books of my space opera saga!

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