Remaining Taiwan Allies In The Americas Bar Travellers From China To Shut Out Coronavirus

Aside from island nations, Taiwan (The Republic Of China, or ROC) maintains diplomatic relations and open trade with only four nations: Guatemala, Belize, and Honduras in Central America and Paraguay in South America.  El Salvador and Panama were lost in their last (socialist) presidential administrations as they switched relations to the PRC (Red, or Mainland, China), which will not relate diplomatically to any nation recognizing Taiwan (which they consider to be a renegade province of their own nation).  Taiwan is an important US ally, and one we are treaty-bound to defend should Red China invade to "reunite" it.  Taiwan's allies in the world have been dwindling in number, and the Red Dragon has become very adept at wooing them away by persistent effort both overt and clandestine.  An island nation of 24 million people, Taiwan is very dependent upon these few allies.  

I have come to believe that we are years into World War-China with both military and economic components besides infiltration of subversives and use of big tech to influence public opinion, dominate elections, and spy on nearly everyone.  Once China establishes even a moderately leftist government in a targeted country, that government switches relations to Red China and ratifies the pertinent treaties.  This change brings an influx of cash, but comes with a debt burden and loss of sovereignty that is all but impossible to escape.  Today the last continental ally (Honduras) slammed the door to all travellers that have come from or by way of China.  President Jimmy Morales said the details will be forthcoming.  Yesterday Guatemalan President Dr. Giammattei tweeted a hard-line entry ban one hour after neighboring President Nayib Bukele of El Salvador.  El Salvador does maintain relations with China; Bukele recently said the process of changing back to Taiwan would be prohibitively difficult.  He is, however, shunning China's allies in the Americas as part of his pro-US policy.  Belize and Paraguay had already instituted less severe migration controls on January 23rd and 24th.  Panama has instituted controls in the canal zone, which may expand to other ports and modes of travel. 

Coronavirus may well spell the end of Chinese infiltration in the Americas...infiltration which I have long seen as the source of socialist policies and insurrections destabilizing many nations.  Whether the outbreak was an accident, a deployed weapon, or an act of this point it is a welcome respite.  The world's red bully has faltered,  and, whether slipped or tripped it is being shut out of our affairs in the Americas and prevented from doing us further harm.