It’s now the year 2020 (yes, I know, it’s somewhat hard to believe, but we really are in the year 2020 now), so it sure feels like it’s about time that we publish our very first 2020 interview.

 Well, done and said! Because it’s now time for a brand-new interview in our art and comics interview series! (don’t miss out on our previous interviews with Larry Higgins, Rodrigo Ybañez, Team RAGS, Pablo Romero and Kukuruyo!) Well, I think you get the idea.

So who exactly did we get a chance to do an interview with this time then? Well, the said person is no one less than the super talented Italian SFW and NSFW pinups artist Sciamano240! (his real name is Mirco Cabbia) And during our interview with Sciamano240 we ended up talking about everything from fictional pinup babes, Comicsgate, nowaday’s SJW/PC madness to his thoughts on  censorship and cancel culture.

So with that said, please enjoy our interview with Sciamano240  😉 (you can reach Sciamano240 via Twitter and Deviantart!)

***Interview with Sciamano240***