MechBay "Idea"

Since i've been sharing my art, and helping design 3d models, an idea has been scratching at the back of my head.

The idea is for a model kit, somewhere in complexity between a Gunpla and a Bionicle. This model kit would be inspired by battletech (and potentially other franchises like titanfall). It would have decent posability, and have options for customizations (such as a different torso and different weapon options). Everything would be armor pieces that would attach to a universal skeletal frame.

The idea would be called “MechBay”, it would be a print on demand service, providing a customizable mech with options. Something to provide a rough equivalent to gunpla to mecha fans of western franchises like mechwarrior. Obviously it won't be the same quality since we will be doing this with FDM 3d printing, but its something ive been wanting to see for a while.

But I must emphasize, this idea is very conceptual at this point. One of the issues of 3d printing is that FDM has a tendency to wear if used in sockets and joints (getting to the point where an “arm” part would become super loose). We need to 1st just experiment with designing joints for the internal structure, and we will be experimenting with a different print material that wouldn't wear out as quickly.

So for right now all this is very theoretical. It can turn out that this idea just doesn't work within the limitations we have. And it will be a while before we know the results.

But, if by chance things work out, we would plan to do two waves to start out. A wave to develop the humanoid frame, while the 2nd wave would develop the chicken walker frame. The 1st two waves may be subject to change, so don't expect them to have these exact mechs and designs shown on these images. The “print on demand” models will be sold on our etsy, with color options to choose from.

The “MechBay” kits would come with instructions for assembly. If you want you can just have a cool mech model to assemble and pose, to have on display…

But sometime after the models are made we plan to make rules for these mechs. You could use these rules to play these in a game of “DiceWars”

With the eventual size of these models, they would be a good size to be used in 28 mm gaming (the same scale of minis as Warhammer 40k). Of course, if you would rather have these for another game system that is perfectly cool, and i would love to see any battle reports of them (we will love to make our own battle reports if we get these mechs made).

And after those waves are done, we would love to put up the choice of next mech to you, our loyal Patreons and Subscribestars. When that happens ill provide you some designs of mechs inspired from the battletech franchise, and you get to vote for your favorite. The winner of the poll will be the next mech developed and made available for print on demand.

But until those dreams come to fruition, here are the concept sketches for the designs. We will update you when we can prove the design of the internal skeleton.