Happy New Year!
I hope your 2019 was grand, and you're ready for a spectacular 2020.  I know we are!
Major plans for Dreamkeepers & Vivid in 2020- I go into detail here  https://www.patreon.com/posts/dreamkeepers-ten-32736950  but the short version:

  • Volume 5 is cruising towards a Kickstarter, with a Dreamkeepers animated short as a stretch goal to pave the way toward a fully animated series.
  • The sidescroller video game is kicking into high gear, and slated for early-stage playtesting to refine combat, stealth, puzzle, and platforming mechanics.
  • Vivid will be publishing False Start, among other fresh new titles, and:
  • There will be a custom wall-scroll drive during Couchcon.  If you've ever gotten a commission from a Vivid author, you'll have a chance to purchase it as a full-sized wallscroll.  Plus:
  • There will be a Toonami-style Vivid content block to showcase all of this, a new marketing show featuring our very own interstellar battle cruiser.

It's gonna be fun!  And if it goes well, I'll be capable of building the Vivid Publishing team to keep them all in production effectively.  But at the onset here, I have to tackle it all personally.
Making this transition will be one of my most daunting tasks yet.  And to aide in the effort, I'll be adjusting our Patreon & crowdfunding rewards:
Volume 5 is still being produced, but I need the flex in my schedule to get the video game playable character fully animated in a timely manner.  To that end, we're going to put V5 backer updates on hiatus once Chapter 14 concludes, to be resumed after the video game animation is in place.
Mastermind Backers will be getting monthly original art from the comic, video game, or animated series in place of the Sketch of the Many art.  
Commanding Vote Backers (and up), instead of voting on Sketch of the Many, will be Insider-Tier Backers.  They're going to see exclusive concept stage production of animation, voice actor samples, and also be our earliest and most influential play-testers for video game components.
I plan to rework Milestone goals as well, I don't think we can add more Prelude updates into the mix unless we get more resources to outsource color assistance effectively.   Our own two hands have limits, and we are pushing them already.
We're still working on art from the Big Commission Queue, and may open a few commission slots during the wallscroll drive for Couchcon.  If so, they will be available first to Patreon backers at the higher levels.  
Daily Artifacts will continue for all backers, and I'm hopeful that we can get the video game into playtesting mode, and back to regular Volume 5 updates within a month or two.
I hope this info comes in handy for your reference- fun things ahead!
Everyone have  a delightful time this evening, and we'll be cooking up some awesome stuff to enjoy in the future.