When Silence Reigns

Part One

The Martyr

 Chains wrap tight around the wrists

As they rub her wrists

Into a raw meat


Outside the rain falls

She could hear the water

As it streams down the walls

From the barred windows above her

She pulls the cloth tight

As the cold bites deep 


They caged her

For speaking the truth

They caged her

For not following the corporate regime

They caged her

For not caring about the right political agenda


Around her only silence reigns

As not even the wind would stir the rubble

To break that cold unforgiving silence


Footsteps echo in the stone halls

They give off their heavy tones 

That sound an ominous omen

Of approaching death


They would make her the example

They would make the stupid mistake of making her a martyr

They would not care about it

They would act as if it didn’t matter


She knew the truth

She knew they were afraid

Of these small platforms

Of these small competitors


That could very well take away the crown

From the monopolies that rule

The world of content creation

Of social media

Of the silver screen

Of content creation platforms 


They stand in in front of her in their fancy suits

Fur coats keep the cold away from them

As black shoes shine with the torchlight


Lips curve into a grin as she smiles

She could hear the little camera drone 

Hiding in the darkness

As she finds her captors will not give her a noose

They will give her a death

At the hands of a pistol


Smoke fills the air

As the hammer slams down

A loud thunder echo’s in the prison cell

Before her world go’s black

And silence reigns