Raw Coop Footage with Voice chat Test (10/06/2018)

I been debating the past week whether I should be posting this or not. It's the raw recording of our co-op gameplay with voice chat on steam test. The recording was for our prototype 2018 trailer and we did many recordings. As you can tell the level just a placeholder and incomplete but want to show the gameplay with a more interesting environment. Hopefully you guys understand that. Still long ways to go.

Aside from debating if I should be uploading the raw coop footage, I was continuing modelling one of our patron's head. I will post that next week, the base mesh is done but needs to be refined via sculpting.

Aside from that, just sorting out logistics with budget and the 3D printing stuff. 3D forge studios a way to reward merchandise to our loyal followers. We recently got a vacuum pump chamber but unfortunately we didn't know that vacuum pumps need oil to work. So blunder on us.

Here's an example of our 3D prints based on a commission. It's plastic and you can tell the quality is not that great as you can see the grain or the surface isn't smooth enough; hence why we want to use resin for two reasons. We want it to look good/smooth and resin is from what I heard is good for making copies. We want to up the quality when we have to ship the statues and stuff internationally for the patrons. We might add some key-chains as rewards as easy, not too expensive to make and ship and we can gift patrons while we were developing our game. I am still debating if we should do shirts as well. I will ask these questions when we get more followers.