Spectacular weekend, meeting with spectacular people. Where to start?

Liz and Geo running the Vivid table, total pros allowing me to huddle behind scribbling like a hermit. Pimping out the spankin’ new Vivid Pachinko machine table game, provided courtesy of Boneitis, and running Skirmish demos-

We sold every copy of Skirmish we brought, and the armory of first-edition printings is running low.

Fair warning: Prices are about to permanently raise on Skirmish deluxed boxed editions. We’ve got to conserve inventory for the truly dedicated- going from $65 to $80. Price change in effect Sunday.

Speaking of Skirmish, MFF we had our first ever tournament. Thank you to all the participants, it was a blast. 

But there was only one ultimate champion, and it was Tari. VAE VICTUS.

Thank you as well to everyone who came by to chat with us- it was great catching up, and making new friends. Also, thank you to the kind soul who gave us a bottle of home-brewed cider, plus gift art from Shane Asher of Vanth, and Combat Crayon of me as a Warhammer 40K Librarian. I love the pieces!

Also great taking my secret pocket-whiskey and meeting up with the TDS furs over the weekend. We gotta do that again sometime- thanks to Boneitis for organizing that craziness.

And speaking of craziness, well, there are some convention tales that may not belong in this journal. For the really bizarre stuff, we’ll be yakking about it this Saturday on our Snake Pit weekly stream. Maybe this anecdote will be the thing that finally nukes our Twitch accounts.

Thank you as well to MFF staff for running a great event. I was ecstatic to finally have the dealers room in that glorious massive expo space- I haven’t been a dealer in there since we did Anime Central in 2010. Great to return, and everyone was delightful & helpful with load-in and load-out. A #1.

Old friends, crazy tales, and new opportunities. 

Just had a meeting with the Vivid Task Force, and there are some cool things in the pipeline for 2020. But more on that later.

Bye for now!