Ganster "El Coss" Convicted, AMLO Takes Helm Of CELAC And Threatens USA Militarily; Popocatepetl Erupts In Raucus Shower Of Sparks

The volcano "Popo" exploded violently in disapproval this morning at 6:33, as Mexican President AMLO straightened his tie before his customary 7AM press conference.  Yesterday, socialist AMLO took the helm of the multinational CELAC group.  The acronym has no English equivalent, as gringos are not allowed in this Community of Latin American and Carribbean Nations organized in 2010-11 as a leftist counterbalance to the Organization of American States.  The latest CELAC leader was exiled dictator Evo Morales, now a wanted fugitive in his own Bolivia.  As the day progressed, AMLO weighed in on the Iranian situation.  He warned that if missiles began to fly targeting their neighboring  country (USA), Mexico would fight "to defend itself".  This disturbing threat echoes AMLO's campaign promise to reduce violence and improve security by calling in the United Nations and Pope Francis.  The CELAC alliance includes conservative-led nations in Latin America, but it is historically backed by the military muscle of the Sino-Russian world communist bloc. 

The godfather of the Gulf Cartel "El Coss" was convicted today in Washington D.C. federal court and faces the possibility of imprisonment for life.  Jorge Costilla "El Coss" Sanchez, who also led the ultraviolent "Los Zetas" cartel hit squad-cum-rival-cartel, admitted to violent acts against his rivals and conspiracy to distribute more than 450 kilos of cocaine and 90 thousand kilos of marijuana in the USA.  His sentencing is set for April 14.  This conviction represents another notch in the stock for law-and-order President Trump, but also ammunition for further swamp-draining.  "El Coss" imported his drugs across the Texas border and the testimony from this trial can be expected to implicate or exonerate many powerful people.  The rise of his criminal empire coincides with the governorship of George W. Bush in Texas, and then his (43rd) presidency.  The Bush family is still strong in Texas, with George P. Bush as Land Commissioner (an ancient position atop great authority and funding) and Prescott Bush running for a vacant Sugarland seat in the US Congress.  President Bush was very close to Governor Yarrington of the neighboring Mexican state of Tamaulipas, and invited him to his 2000 inauguration at the White House.  Yarrington is also incarcerated in Texas awaiting trial for his alleged involvement with the Tamaulipas cartels led by "El Coss", the same cartels now rumored to be led by his successor (and incumbent) Governor Cabeza De Vaca!  The drug-dealing CIA-Bush crime dynasty may well come crumbling down from the testimony in these trials--and drain the RINO swamp with a great sucking sound!