This is the latest in the series of illustrations for Towers of Metropolis Volume 2, soon to be released by Airship 27 Productions.  This story anthology is based on the world created for the 1927 Fritz Lang Science Fiction Epic, Metropolis.  I created this piece using a mixture of traditional and digital tools.  The line art was created on Bristol Board at a size of 10" x 15", in ink over a blue-line rough, and then scanned, color corrected, and toned using custom Benday patterns (or zip-a-tone if you prefer) in Photoshop.

There's one more story to illustrate before this volume goes on sale.  So, once the publisher sends me the final manuscript, and I can work the illustrations into what has been a very busy comic book schedule, then the book will be released.  The stories are the real star of this book.  If you like the illustrations, thank the writers who have gone above and beyond in recreating the world of Fritz Lang's Metropolis (and have inspired me to new heights in my illustrations).