Thank God I am a Nobody

We Stoics are not supposed to proselytize or brag. But maybe I eat enough humble pie all day to get away with some.

Here we go with the humble first: I don't think I have anywhere near enough power, money, good looks or status for anyone to want to kiss my ass. And I came to regard the resulting authenticity in my relationships as extremely liberating and productive.

My wife and my pal Jiri tell me to my face when I am being an idiot. And, boy, do I need to hear it when they do. Katharina Alexandrowna only buys all my three essays to date and gives me feedback because she wanna. My friends don't hang with me because I might get them a better job or whatever other entry. Not that many of them would need or want that, but that's not the point. People only laugh at my jokes if they are actually funny. And I'm sure nobody ever said "I don't mind the traffic jam, I like sitting in a car with you." (as someone recently did) because they wanted something from me.

In short: every second I might want to waste doubting whatever love and affection I get would be utterly wasted.

What would I change this to?

[Photo by Jacek Dylag on Unsplash]