A poem I wrote recently. This one is aimed at Youtube for all the shit they've been doing to content creators over the years. I'm adding my voice to the fight through this poem.

Goodbye, Youtube

A poem by DpsMiqote


It was what got me

Into content creation

I found my platform

And I began my journey

I walked my path 

watching as others wished to watch my journey

They commented

Conversations were had


I helped them


I entertained


I just like to see the criticism

I wanted to get better

I wanted to keep making more content

But eventually I stepped away

I kept going back 

Every once in awhile

To try again


My world began to change

My friend once told me

I should have never walked away

I should have kept sharing my journeys

Through these digital worlds I love so much

I could have been a star 

Here on this platform I chose

Now I wonder if this choice

Is a blessing in disguise

And not a mistake

As my friend asked me a question

What happened to me?

I used to be so happy

I used to have my goals

I used to have my dreams

I wonder about this question

As I begin to realize why

My happiness diminished

This platform I chose

Called Youtube

Began to change

This industry 

That created these digital worlds

Began to change

This industry

That created stories for the silver screen

Began to change

There used to be a time 

When Youtube

When these industries

Cared about its consumers

And creators

Now that has all changed

As corporations

And their greedy CEO’s

Wear their green shades

And only care about the paper

Painted in a green color

It causes me to ask myself a question

Am I happy?

I don’t know if I am

As I find myself reborn 

I have become a double-edged sword

A part of my passion to create

Still exist as I still wish to share my adventures

In the very few digital worlds

That I still enjoy

Part of me also knows

That I will now forever carry a venom

Towards the platform

And the industries

That I once loved

Goodbye, Youtube

I hope that one day you will wake up

And hate yourself for what you chose to become