From our Patreon page on 11th December 2018 Update / December 2018 Update 02 - Environment Blocking 02

I did this building and this is before knowing that building topology isn't as important and before moving to using sketch up.

Terrace housing in one part of the location of the map. It will be in the beginning of the level. Done in Maya

Another building done in sketch up. But loaded in maya

Unreal engine 4 is a wonderful game engine and epic studio is pretty awesome for letting people use their engine for free until release so we don't have to worry about cost for a game engine and unreal engine 4 is constantly changes so makes our workflow to adapt easier.

Screenshot of the early level test. We wanted to see the city level with the day time lighting and having that unique sky. We wanted to test the look of the planet from the city.

Early rendition of the test demo level

During these early test, we just using a lot of unreal engine assets