From our Patreon page on 11th December 2018 Update / December 2018 Update 02 - Environment Blocking 01

Hey Patrons, Just going to share the environment block in and some mock ups from earlier test or using some unreal assets. I thought I posted the old environments. I am not going to post the layout of the map as it probably has too much spoilers, so I won't show that. Aside from showing block in and the old environment screenshot, I also want to announce we are currently aiming for an arena horde mode style game demo in April. This is a short term goal before the real demo comes out but it's something patrons and the public can try out.

So one thing I learnt recently that game companies are now using or been using sketch up for making their building assets as I have been told that when making building, you don't need to care so much on topology. Traditionally, I use to care about topology for everything but for hard surface modelling for games with no deformation, you don't have to worry too much about topology as when you bring 3d models to unreal or most game engines, all 3d objects will be triangulated.

Another screenshot of the block in for the city.

Using Sketch up for the buildings. The buildings are referenced from real life. Wanted something familiar but on the large scale will be different. This is just to ease the players into the game world with something familiar first as the later levels will be quite different in design to reflect the different nations mindset and ideology.

Another building done in sketch up. There's going to be a lot of these.

These buildings are done by both Mahyuddin and Matyn. They are turning out quite nice.