From our Patreon page on 27th November 2018 Update / November 2018 Update 04 - Shield Minion Animation Set 03

November 2018 progress update 04 is here; all the animation for the shield minion is done for now, at the moment. We may add more animations for the shield minion but should be enough until we get more funding or support. We need to be flexible and adjust things as we go as we are operating on a low budget. We will be working on animations for another minion soon. We currently making the buildings for the demo level as well as still on the mech boss.

Most important thing is to keep going and keep building upon what we got until others recognize us. Every giant journey has small beginnings and part of this journey is being the underdog, starting from nowhere.

Personal Note on the industry for this month

Things that inspire me recently, was several documentaries about Rodney Dangerfield, Stan lee and Bob Ross; all giants in their own way and but their journey are all too similar. They all lived a life of hardship BUT built up what they loved, their Art. The most important thing to do is to keep at it(practice), finding a way to make it sustainable and most important lesson is to never give up even when things get really hard and things are can get really hard as that is life. That's my advice in life and art. This is what drives me and the gaming industry, the ones with money seem to be chasing things that I personally find wrong about the industry. Weird isn't it that the movie industry doesn't charge you per minute or it doesn't charge you for each act separately. The movie industry doesn't nickel and dime you every chance it gets. The movie industry charges you the movie, merchandises and that's it.

During this time, We are got news that diablo immortal for mobile at the time. Giant backlash from the fans. I can understand why people are angry as they spent their hard earned cash to go to the event, to support the people making their favorite game and only to be betrayed that the company is going to a different direction and ignoring their fan base. Other news is fallout 76, which is just a big failure because no one was asking for a striped down version of fallout 3-4 with no npcs, no real story, bad gameplay and buggy as hell.

These big companies just focus on how to make money from everyone, how to make the game addictive instead of making a good product that in turn generates good profit, sustainable and not morally wrong.

I admit; trying to find good investors, not just financially but someone who you can trust is hard. Reasons I am mentioning about diablo immortal, fallout 76 is to remember what our goal is. I love video games but nowadays I am losing interest in most games as it's all about grinding, micro-transactions, multiplayer only. Here's hoping to make this game great or good enough and that will lead us to make something bigger and better for the community, the industry. That said, it takes tiny steps to get to the big ones. Thanks if you managed to read all the way here.