From our Patreon page on 6th November 2018 Update / November 2018 01 Update - Energy pickup

Hey everyone, Just done today, but worked on it since less week. The design based on the old design of the potion.

I like the design aspect of it and didn't want the concept to completely disappear so implemented it into the energy pickup. The concept of the energy pickup is pretty much fuel for the arm or the jet pack. It's treated similar like a syringe.

Here's the close up of the display for the energy pick up. the label was just taken from energy label for European AC. Probably in the final game, I don't think the display will be so clear or hi res as we need to think about performance and optimization with the textures. All the images are for high concept. They are 3D models and these are textured but not designed for final game assets as the mesh is not optimized just yet.