From our Patreon page on 24th October 2018 Update / October 2018 04 Update - Health pickup(potions) & Item pickups

First 3D concept mock up for the health potion. want to pay tribute to classic game potions. Only issue is that potions with a cork lid doesn't spell futuristic. looking through water bottles, sodas and pretty much any containers design that look different. I saw a Luso water bottle, which was unique and look futuristic. I love the hex shape and design. Other reason to use this style and design was because in space, would be nice to drink something while wearing a suit. So I imagined that the drink can be poured or injected into the suit through a nozzle and it gets vacuumed into a bag inside the suit and the person can drink through a straw in the helmet. That's the concept and idea. Just realized after that our health bar was green and a red thick opaque liquid looks creepy and weird, like blood.

Side note: The health potion was modeled in Maya and textured in substance painter.

So some new changes with the health potion. change it to green similar to the health bar. Decided to give a green apple flavor to the drink due to the color and did some simple quick labels, which we probably will improve in the future. The so called random letters and numbers are not actually random but the scientific formula compound of the flavor for 'green apple'. The green apple drink will have a glow just for visual sake. In games, it's usually fun to see things glow.

Other thing, we designed was the drop pod that hold items for players to use.

Hopefully the arrows clear enough to understand the animation sequence. The drop pod/drop pads 'drops' down; sticking to the ground, the legs rotate down and the legs extends out as the fins on top go into the top head as the top head goes up. After the pod's top casing goes up, it reveals the item, in this example, it's the health potion.

So I was working on the robot boss but the arms didn't turn out well and decide to work on something else, in this case, the health potion and the drop pod/drop pad. Also due to working schedule changes, I typically update on Monday but I may update on Wednesday. Local time doing this is 1:25 AM. I will be working on the robot again and hopefully I get over my mental block in building it. I will not work on the arms but the legs this time round. Worst case scenario is I will build and design another item for the game.

Edit: 2:59 AM, Just also want to show the old concept for the potion, we might make this as it looks cool. who doesn't love beakers.