From our Patreon page on 8th October 2018 Update / October 2018 02 Update 'Mini Drone'

Not last week's progress but I want to space out the progress with some filler content like the mini drone. Close up of the mini drone, it's animation and color variation.
There's also some archived footage from 4th May 2018. Sorry for the quality of the video as it was taken from my co-worker's com and technically not meant for public to see.

The archived footage just to share within the dev team on the progress of the mini drone but I thought it would be interested to show regardless. The archived footage also shows the shield, the HUD and the drone behavior as the drones are programmed to flank the player.

*The drone design is subjected to change as design can always be improved on but depends on budget and time.

New logo with no background, nice and clean.